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Lighting Up The Scoreboard -- 2009 Game 3; Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders


Hello and happy Saturday, friends.  I'm getting excited for the Broncos chances to start the season 3-0 on Sunday, and I hope all of you are as well.  Once again, here's Lighting Up The Scoreboard.  I got the production time down to about 4 hours (from 9 and then 6 1/2,) so that's moving in the right direction.  I also figured out and corrected the color problem, which was due to a bad S-Video cable.  I hope you enjoy the video, and I'll see you on the other side of the jump.

Football notes:  As it turns out, I was unnecessarily worried about time constraints, in describing the play out of the shotgun, trips right look, so I want to elaborate a bit more here, in the written space.  When I say that we're inviting the blitz with the formational look, we know we're inviting it from the weak side, too, because the defense is going to expect the throw to be designed to come out to the trips side, leaving the QB with his back to the blitzer.  We know the Raiders play man-to-man the majority of the time, with two deep safeties, but when they blitz, they'll only have one safety in center-field, and he'll be mainly worried about the trips side, which is designed to be a decoy here.  The other safety, Tyvon Branch, has man-to-man responsibility here.

So, we know the blitz is coming, we know where it's coming from, we know we're getting single-high coverage, and we know there will definitely be one makeable throw on the left side, and probably two of them.  The defense wants us throwing to the covered side, away from the blitz, and they think we will.  Instead, we're throwing into the more lightly-covered blitz side, which is to our advantage.  This is the value of smart play design, and awareness of defensive tendencies at work, and we're going to get a big play out of it.

As always, feedback is appreciated.  Have a great weekend, and Go Broncos!!