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Broncos 19 - Cardinals 0 -- Game Wrap-Up and Postgame Open Thread

Well, there's a lot to feel good about after a game like that.  Even the biggest critics would have to probably smile a little bit.  Everybody can feel good that the defense is vastly improved, top to bottom this season.  The line is physical, the linebackers aren't over-running plays, and the secondary has played very well, especially the past two weeks.  Tom Brandstater played well, and so did Darius Walker, whose performance has to make the staff consider keeping him over LaMont "Mr. Tentative" Jordan. 

David Bruton was 850 KOA's player of the game, with an interception and a fumble recovery.  Robert Ayers played well, and got his first sack, and Jarvis Moss played a tremendous game, and may have made the team, and the defense finally forced a bunch of turnovers, and batted down a bunch more passes, nearly getting some more.  The only blemish was the continuation of some red-zone ineffectiveness on offense.  I tend to think that will improve once everybody is healthy.

Savor the victory, and more than that, the good play by the Broncos.  Since I am feeling a little verklempt, feel free to talk amongst yourselves...  GO BRONCOS!!!