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Hard words on Brandon Marshall and an update on Le Kevin Smith

Whether you believe Josina Anderson or not, there is no denying she always has something interesting to say.  With aparrent inside sources throughout virtually ever locker room and the League office, Anderson always claims to have the inside info. 

Another example came today on Anderson's blog, which included updates on Le Kevin Smith's injury and Brandon Marshall's mental condition.  Here is what she had to say -

Broncos defensive end Le Kevin Smith is currently rehabilitating a torn meniscus, according to sources with knowledge of Smith's injury situation.

Smith, who did not participate in the team’s last 2 preseason games, was brought in to bolster the depth along the defensive line.

However sources tell me that Smith’s kind of injury can keep players out four to six weeks.  Specifically, the same sources say Smith should miss at least two more games given his own current prognosis. Whether he’ll be allowed that remaining minimum healing team remains to be seen.

Will that affect Smith's roster position?  The fact that the Broncos gave up a 5th-round pick for Smith tells me he is likely to be safe.

Then there is the update Anderson gives on Brandon Marshall.  First, Anderson talks of how Marshall is handling his suspension -

I have talked to multiple people who have talked to Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall in the midst of his team-imposed suspension for an outside perspective on Marshall’s mental status during his punishment.

These sources tell me uniformly that in their own conversations Marshall’s tone indicates a measure of sincerity and contrition, and that he’s appreciative of the people who’ve reached out to him. They say Marshall sounds like he plans to humbly reintegrate himself back into the team; however as one guy told me, "I am beyond the point of listening to what Brandon says, I only watch what he does now." The weight of mistrust in many of their reports is very heavy.

Perhaps the most telling parts of her Marshall update were the reported words of some of Marshall's teammates, both on and off the record -

Privately Marshall is drawing a lot of strong criticism, particularly from a number of his fellow starting teammates on both sides of the ball. Off the record, significant players have said things like: "he is killing his image;" "We don’t know what he is doing. Sometimes you can’t tell whether he’s coming or going;" "He can’t be trusted. I can’t put my name to vouch for how he’s acting right now;" "He’s acting like an idiot, this is not the way to get his money."

More specifically one defensive starter said, "Brandon is (edit) up, because if you look at it this is his contract year and he could be playing in a system totally geared around him. He is such a stupid (edit)."

Of course, they also know what we know - there simply isn't an easy way to replace what Marshall can do on the field so the hope is the two sides can come to some kind of accord.

There is also a tidbit about the reported contract the Broncos offered Marshall which alledgedly led to his pathetic behavior in practice last week -

According to these trusted sources, Marshall told them directly his videotaped frustration was partly connected to his disappointment with the terms of an extension the Broncos recently offered him. Sources were told by Marshall in his own words that this supposed deal averaged nine million dollars a year, but that his frustration stemmed from it being back-loaded as a result of his high risk behavior. Specifically, these sources say Marshall mentioned that this deal could have given him as little as three million in the first year, and that this detail was clearly not satisfactory to him and his statistical resume.  In conclusion, these sources who’ve talked directly to Marshall told me to take this information with caution because it was only his version of events as they relay it.

Call me crazy, but if Marshall in fact was offered an extension with details similar to what is described above he should have jumped at it.  Sure, the $3 million to start would be below market, but at least there is a golden nugget at the end.  Unless, of course, Marshall knows he'll never see it because of health concerns.

There are interesting tidbits about LaMont Jordan and Jarvis Moss as well which are right in line with the thinking here at MHR - Jordan might be in trouble (he is off my Final-53) and Moss could be in a last-minute battle with draft-mate Tim Crowder for a roster spot.  Check it out.