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Richard Quinn Arrested

This is not the way to start your NFL career.  Broncos rookie TE Richard Quinn was arrested earlier today on a harassment charge, according to 9News in Denver.

According to the report -

Richard Quinn is being held without bond on a harassment charge related to domestic violence until he can see the judge on Tuesday.

The Broncos traded into the second round for Quinn during the 2009 draft. He is a tight end out of North Carolina.

He is listed third on the depth chart behind Daniel Graham and Tony Scheffler.

Here is more from Lindsay Jones and the DP's Broncos Blog -

According to an Arapahoe County Sheriff’s report, Quinn’s girlfriend called 911 from a neighbor’s house after the couple got into an argument. She told deputies that Quinn “grabbed her and shook her to the ground” and took her cell phone away to prevent her from calling police.

According to the report, Quinn admitted to taking the phone, but said he only grabbed the girlfriend after she “started hitting him in the face.”

The report says that Quinn had no sign of injuries to his face.

Of course, we are going to withhold any judgment until all the details come to light, but it sounds eerily similar to another Broncos' tale of self defense.

This is NOT they type of news the Broncos need heading into their season opener on Sunday.