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Horse Tracks 1/11/10 - Broncos O-Line Coach Rick Dennison likely headed to Houston as OC

Good Morning, MHR Friends! Couple quick thoughts about the weekend. First of all, let's not say the Pats are done. Over the next two years, they have 3 first-round picks and 4 second-rounders. They'll be reloaded before we know it, and they still have these two guys named Belichick and Brady. Secondly, I hope I don't have to explain Aaron Rodgers' greatness here anymore...

"Denver’s draft preparation will be different, McDaniels said. He said last year the front office didn’t get a full opportunity to evaluate college players because he was hired in January. This year, the Broncos already have preliminary draft rankings after scouting players during the season."

"Cutler has been pushing the Bears to hire Bates for their offensive coordinator vacancy. Last year at this time, he was lobbying new Broncos coach Josh McDaniels to retain Bates. McDaniels appeared willing, but Bates wanted to call plays, so he left to become the assistant head coach at Southern California." I'm not sure if this was ever made clear, but Pompei's assertion that McD would've kept Bates is interesting...oh, and it's amusing that if Bates is hired by the Bears, then Cutler is basically running the show in Chi-town.
Eli Manning was definitely not an elite QB when he won the SB. Not even close. Aside from that, Krieger's list is reasonable. Now, what's the point? If Krieger thinks the Broncos should consider using a high draft choice on a QB (which he doesn't say), he must keep in mind that of the guys he listed, Johnson (9th), Brady (6th), and Warner (UD) weren't high picks. If his point is the Broncos are more likely to win a SB with an elite QB, then I don't really know why he bothered. We all know that.

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How is a team that allows 45 points at home in the playoffs really a threat?


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