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Horse Tracks 1/14/10 - Turner off to Washington


Good Morning, MHR Friends. A day late with these sentiments, but our thoughts go out to all those touched by the horrific tragedy in Haiti. As for the links...if you woke up on the right side of the bed today and would like to maintain a sunny disposition, do not read Woody's column. It's one of the most toxic things I've read in the DP sports section. Guy's got a real axe to grind with Josh McDaniels, apparently.

PS. Please don't read Woodrow's column if you're planning on operating a vehicle shortly thereafter, either. It'd be a disservice to the general public if I didn't warn you...

DP - Earthquake touches Broncos - Jim Armstrong

DB - Dumervil Asks for Help - Gray Caldwell

DPP - Dumervil's focus on his kin in Haiti - Lindsay Jones

DB - '09 Season Review: Weeks 1-4 - Broncos TV

"Offensive assistant Ben McDaniels, Josh's brother, is likely to receive heavy consideration for the running backs position."

DPP - Q&A: "Futures" deals give Broncos flexibility - Jeff Legwold

DB - More Bronco Honors - Jim Saccomano

DB - Dennison to Texans

"Even though Matt Cassel had a good season in 2008, and is a decent quarterback, the Patriots didn't even get in the playoffs." Well, there you go. Because Matt Cassel couldn't get the Pats to the playoffs, he didn't do so hotly, according to Woody. Never mind that he won 11 games... 
"I looked back at every Orton start. He has a good record in 49 starts, but in at least 30 of those games, the defense was responsible for the victory and the offense was hanging on for dear life." That's some analysis. Practically scientific, in fact...
"On the other subject, I have sat two feet away from McDaniels, just the two of us, and I said: "Lose the hoodie. Get your own thing." He paid no attention. He stuck it in my face, your face, and the players' faces. It shouldn't be that big a deal, except we know why he wears it. He's still Belichick's man, not his own man." 
How's that for arrogance?!?! Does Woody think he runs Denver and the Broncos? McDaniels should lose the hoodie because Woody told him so?

TB - Lichtensteiger signed by Redskins

American Needle Case

NYT - Supreme Court Skeptical of N.F.L.’s Antitrust Claim - Adam Liptak

DPP - Analysis: Supreme Court site of NFL battleground - Jeff Legwold

AFC West News

SDUT - Canepa vs. Sullivan: Running battle

SDUT - Bolts’ winning formula is simple - Kevin Acee

SDUT - Blitz game expected from Jets - Kevin Acee

SDUT - Sanchez is green but he’s ripening - Chris Jenkins

NFL - Crennel will become Chiefs' D-coordinator, reunite with Weis, Pioli

KCS - This Patriots reunion in KC is missing something - Jason Whitlock

SFC - Raiders assistant Brown retires from coaching - David White

OT - Raiders coach Tom Cable still hasn't met with Al Davis to discuss his future - Steve Corkran

Coaching Carousel

NFL - Gray given permission to interview with Seahawks

NFL - Bye, Boss Hog: Redskins OL coach Bugel retires after 32 seasons

NFL - Kiffin mum on NFL coaches who might join USC’s staff

NFL - Steelers hire Bills’ Kugler to coach O-line

NFL News

NFL - Garcon, other NFL players worry about family in quake-stricken Haiti

Y! - Garcon's thoughts are on family in Haiti - Charles Robinson

NFL - Pereira: Incidental facemask in Cards-Packers game

NFL - Titans' Johnson runs away with Offensive Player of the Year honors

NFL - Patriots LB Favre Seau retires for fourth time in 20-year NFL career

SN - Saints' Sean Payton named Sporting News' 2009 NFL Coach of the Year


NYT - Win Probabilities, and the Importance of Playoff Run Defense - Brian Burke

NFP - The Divisional Playoffs: sneak peek - Matt Bowen

SI - Forget the talk: NFL's all about play - Ross Tucker

SI - Dome teams traditionally struggle in NFL playoffs - Kerry J. Byrne

SI - Cardinals battered defense braces for Drew Brees and the Saints - Jim Trotter

SI - Eight is enough: Best storylines heading into NFL's divisional round - Don Banks

NFL - Can Pro Bowl defensive backs slow down prolific passers? - Gil Brandt

NFL - Don't expect the Ravens to pull off another upset - Vic Carucci

NFL - Saints' advantages are mostly of the intangible sort - Steve Wyche

FH - Dirty Dozen: 12 Who Will Decide the Divisional Round - Dave Goldberg

Y! - Revis’ lockdown starts with intense breakdown - Charles Robinson

Y! - Chargers' Jackson takes different route to success - Jason Cole

SN - Scouts' views: Vikings have edge on Cowboys; look for Sproles to hurt Jets - Dennis Dillon

FOX - Rush more? Running game is back for playoffs - Alex Marvez

FOX - Saints may not be bandwagon favorite, but that's good thing - Peter Schrager

ESPN - Brett Favre, Tony Romo stick with mutual playmaking mentality - Ed Werder

NFL Opinion

NFP - Wednesday whys: A free agent success story - Andrew Brandt

NFP - Diner morning news: Pats' loss was a good thing - Mike Lombardi

NYT - Fourth-Down Attempts Are Up. Is There a Belichick Factor? - Brian Burke

PFW - You gotta believe it to see it - Tom Danyluk

FH - Rooney Rule Is Just Fine, Thank You - Terence Moore

FH - Zebra Report: Wild-Card Round - Matt Snyder

NFP - Early entry prospects: Part V - Wes Bunting