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AFC Divisional Playoff - Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts

Well, I guess we know all we need to know about the New Orleans offense.  Congrats to the Saints, who will host their first NFC Championship Game next weekend against the winner of the Cowboys/Vikings game tomorrow. 

That leaves us tonight's game between the Ravens and Colts.  I have been thinking Ravens all week, but two things happened - first, Joe Flacco's hip has been so sore that he can barely sit down.  Beating the Colts and Peyton Manning is hard enough with everyone healthy.  A hobbled quarterback, even with that defense and dominant running game, makes it nearly impossible.

Second, after picking the road team earlier, and watching the Cardinals get beat 45-14, I am a bit gunshy.  That said...

John's Pick - Baltimore Ravens

For Colts' coverage, check out Stampede Blue; For Ravens' coverage, check out Baltimore Beatdown.

Next Game

Baltimore Ravens
@ Indianapolis Colts

Saturday, Jan 16, 2010, 6:15 PM MST
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Lucas Oil Stadium

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