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Poll of the Week, 1/18/10 - Are the Broncos headed in the right direction?

It is weekly poll time! A new Monday tradition here at MHR. For a running tally of 'Polls Past' check out below -

1/11/10 - What to get for Brandon Marshall?? - Nearly 2000 people answered, with 65% saying they would take a 1st Round pick for Marshall

As the weeks go on, that list will grow as more polls are added.

On to this week's poll. I wanted to let the sting of the 2009 season subside a bit before asking a very important question. This has been a year of change in Denver, from top-to-bottom. That said, time for a look-see into the psyche of Broncos fans. Like last time, this is a "simple" Yes or No question.

Feel free to talk about your answer in the comments -