Former Patriots DC Dean Pees to Replace Nolan?

Nothing is concrete, and this is pure speculation.  I think that the stars are aligned in a way where we can make the reasonable assumption that Dean Pees will reunite with Josh McDaniels in Denver, though I've come to expect the unexpected in the last year's time.

In light of Mike Nolan leaving, here is a quick "resume" if you will of former New England defensive coordinator Dean Pees, and what he brings to the table.

Born:  September 4th, 1949 (60 years old)

Hometown:  Dunkirk, Ohio

College:  Bowling Green

Coaching experience:  31 years

1979-1982:  Findlay Defensive Coordinator/Secondary coach

1983-1986:  Miami (Ohio) Defensive Coordinator/Secondary coach

1987-1989:  Navy Secondary coach

1990-1993:  Toledo Defensive Coordinator

1994:  Notre Dame Defensive Coordinator

1995-1997:  Michigan State Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers coach

1998-2003:  Kent State Head Coach

2004-2005:  New England Patriots Linebackers coach

2006-2009:  New England Patriots Defensive Coordinator

2010- :  Broncos Defensive Coordinator?

Obviously Pees has a pretty impressive resume when it comes to coaching.  He has been around the block and back, and I can't remember a bad Patriots defense in the last five or six years, so obviously he's done a good job.

Mike Nolan did a nice job calling the defensive plays this year, but here's to hoping he won't be missed.  Good luck to Coach Nolan with the Dolphins or whoever he decides to go with.

 Some added notes of interest:
  • Pees can play the piano well and has recorded one album The Other Side. Why is this interesting?  His wife Melody (how apt), who is an ordained minister, presided over the wedding of (R)FA-to-be Logan Mankins, and Pees composed Mankins wedding music.  A close connection that may come in handy?
  • He personally tutored Steelers All-Star LB James Harrison, while Harrison was at Kent State from 1999-2001:“He had an open mind with me, and didn’t worry about any of the things I did previous to being there. Once I got there, it was ‘I don’t care about what you’ve done in the past, it’s about right now, and going to judge you from here on out.’ That really helped me,” said Harrison.  Asked one thing that stands out from what Pees taught him, Harrison said: “Be accountable for what you do and take responsibility.”
  • Health concerns, including a recent bout with prostate cancer, a blood clot in his leg and lung spasms which felt like a heart attack, seem to be what prompted him not to re-up with the Pat's organization earlier in the offseason.  I wonder if altitude is the best thing for him right now?  It is probably better than NE weather at least...
  • Some stats from his Pat's bio:  Pees: 11-5 record despite using 22 different starters on defense, including four rookies. The Patriots have averaged less than 20 points per game allowed in every season that Pees has been defensive coordinator. In 2008, the Patriots allowed 19.3 points per game and achieved an 11-5 record despite using 22 different starters on defense, including four rookies. Pees’ 2008 defense ranked second in the NFL in forced three-and-out percentage (30.6) and helped give the offense the second best average starting field position in the NFL.

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