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Bus Cook speaks on Scheffler, Marshall

We all remember Bus Cook, right?  The agent for Jay Cutler and several other football players that have had bitter divorces with their original teams(Brett Favre, Steve McNair).  Cook is also the agent for benched Broncos TE Tony Scheffler.  Fox-31 reporter and general trouble-maker Josina Anderson reached out to Cook to get his take on Scheffler's apparent benching for tomorrow's game against the Chiefs

Of course she did.

Here are some of Cook's thoughts on Scheffler.  He was even nice enough to give an opinion on a player that he doesn't represent - Brandon Marshall.

"Personally, I think Tony is as good as any tight end in football. When he gets the opportunity he has shown that he can make big plays. Like I said, I am not the coach but this doesn’t make sense to me," said Scheffler’s agent.

Cook seemed confused that McDaniels elected to bench two good Broncos players for a game with such strong postseason implications.

"Tony and Brandon (Marshall) are in the same boat. You would think with this team having an outside chance to make the playoffs they would want to play Brandon Marshall and Tony. They are two good players, but I don’t have all the information."

One important piece of information that Cook left out.  Brandon Marshall told Josh McDaniels that he wasn't going to be able to play on Sunday.  Let's make that clear - Brandon Marshall is NOT being benched.  Brandon Marshall told his coach that he was physically unable to go.

We can debate the handling of the situation by McDaniels, yes, but Marshall wasn't going to play on Sunday anyway.

Now, on to some more of Cook.

When asked if he was going to reach out to McDaniels for an explanation Cook seemed reticent to the idea a discussion would make a difference.

"I’m not sure I will make a call because I’m not that sure it would change anything. It’s not like (Tony) is going to be reactivated for the game," said Cook.

Cook went on to talk about Scheffler's future in Denver, if there is one -

Scheffler’s contract ends in February, and I believe the deadline is March 4th for the Broncos have to make a qualifying offer to him as a restricted player since that is what he’ll be as things stand now. The first thing is that they need to let us know what they want to do.

Scheffler is likely to be gone after the season.  This offense is not as Tight-End friendly as the Shanahan-West-Coast-Offense was and Scheffler just isn't a good fit.  It is best for him to find a home - likely wherever Shanahan ends up - that fits his abilities better - as a pass-catching TE, not a blocker.