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First of all, hello to everybody! Been reading Mile High Report from across the pond (London) for the last year and half or so and thought it about time I dipped my toe in the water.

Thought I'd use this fanpost just to air out some thoughts I have going into this offseason.

McDaniels has been a breathe of fresh air over the previous few Shanahan years I've been following the Broncos and I love the palpable sense of direction we're taking.




Dumervil. I think its a given that Doom should be re-signed. However, I'm not too comfortable giving him a whopper of a contract in the range of James Harrison. I'd like to see more than a years production at his new position before that level of money is tied up. Obviously his sacks can't be discounted (esp as majority came on 3rd downs) but I would like to see him be a more of a consistent nuisance in pass rush and round out his run game. Admittedly, he has just transitioned over to a form of OLB and should thrive as he grows into the role.

Orton. As regards the bearded one, he's a no-brainer as well. I hope for a 3 year contract with perhaps a 4th as an option. Letting Brandstater sit behind. In a way, our mid season downward spiral (while most disappointing) spawns the by-product of saving us a hefty amount resigning him, when compared to some of the figures being touted before the bye. I'm a big fan of Ortons quiet and self motivated demeanour and with a solidified O-line, I have every confidence he will produce (and fire it down field enough to quell the voices of the Denver Post).

Champ. I'd like to see his contract restructured. He's due $9.5m base salary in 10/11 I believe? When taking strolls about town I have flirted with the notion of trading Champ while his value is as good as it will get from here on out (personally he gives me a little of the *close my eyes and gurn* when its being thrown his way). But I do have a soft spot for him and there's no doubting he still has more than enough game. I would like to see him finish out his career here (perhaps with a move to safety in a year or two) if the price is right. N.B. I love Andre Goodman - easily our best signing of the last few seasons.

Ryan Harris. He is somewhat one of our best kept secrets (even though Peter 'unable to make his own observations King rates him massively because Shanahan told him to a couple of pre-seasons ago). Depending on how he recovers from his toe injury (a way off I know), possibly see about signing an extension early into the season to get him on the cheap.

Chris Simms, LaMont Jordan and Le Kevin Smith. For the chopping board. Simms downfall in the SD game solidified my feelings on him just not being in the right state of mind on the football field. He is a consummate professional but the lack of production (all be it he didn't get too much of a chance) is not something I'm comfortable with should Orton go down at some point next season. Jordan and Smith are both in the same boat of doing a job (just about) but scorn my eyes with mediocrity.

Kuper. I not too fussed about Kuper either way. If we can get some good value for him then so be it but not to the point of giving him away. He's a more than capable guard but I'm out of my depth here, I never really paid much attention to him (busy wincing at Hochstein/Weigmann when watching O-line play) so don't really feel like I could make an informed statement on whether we should resign him or whether he'd deal well with the shift to a more predominate power game.

D.J. Williams. A conundrum. My feelings towards him are pretty nonchalant. Discounting the McNabb run etched into our collective mind, I always worry when watching him in coverage (not at his athleticism but positioning) and found him too eager to celebrate something which was just standard linebacking fare. Though I wonder what his actual trade value is worth (highish 3rd?), I'd like to keep him around another season to see if he can shore up aspects of his game as I don't think we could bring in anything better for the moment.

Daniel Graham. A favourite of mine. He did have an affinity for drawing the yellow flag this year but his blocking ability at a TE is undeniable (if a little borderline outside shoulder holding). His 2010 $3.8m base salary is high but what better person for Quinn to learn from? Graham has flirted with retirement and I think another year around here is the best option, then send him out to pasture.


Free Agency

Quaterback. Like most rumblings around here I think Pennington is a good idea as a no.2 but think he will likely go somewhere with the possibility of 1-2 seasons of starting (St. Louis?).

Offensive Line. I'd consider going after Eugene Amano from the Titans for depth/competition at Guard at a minimal price. Not keen on forking out the money for Mankins though, as the draft will give us fantastic options at a much friendlier cost.

Running Back. As regards RB, I would quite like to see us entertain LenDale White (I think the environment of accountability and leadership that McDaniels is breeding into the organisation would do well to erode the character/conditioning issues associated with White). He was a good complement to Johnson prior to this year and would be a good short yardage option. Jerious Norwood is another back which would take my fancy for a little chop and change with Moreno/Buck. Chester Taylor is the other name batted around here and I agree with peoples views of him being an ideal fit in our scheme. I'd hope he would consider the role he'd play with us and not pursue more starting time elsewhere though.

Wide Receiver. I love the idea someone had in trading for Lee Evans. Didn't occur to me previously, my only concern is I know there was a possibility of getting him last season but not sure what the new Bills front office would think of trading their best offensive weapon in their current state? He is however, both an accomplished receiver and true deep threat. Roscoe Parrish (also of the Bills) is another option, more down the KR/PR route though but could be had relatively cheap.

Tight End. I'm all for Jeff King.

DT/DE. If the Packers are going to make the switch to Raji mostly at Nose, I think it more likely they will resign Jolly (who I would be keen on going after). Pickett is someone I'm undecided on. I would like to see someone like Dan Williams be drafted in but think our 1st round would be better spent elsewhere. Provided his contract isn't too extortionate I'm all for his coming in and his signing would give us more defensive flexibility with regards to our current roster (Fields and Thomas playing some DE). I think we'd be an attractive prospect for him as regards potential playing time. Miami is probably our biggest rival for him.

OLB/ILB/CB/S. I think we have the majority of the pieces sorted short term. Would like the young talent we have behind the starters (including this incoming draft class) to see some time and develop.



There are multiple scenarios which are running through my mind. I'm wholly one for trying to get many 2nd/3rd's, as they represent excellent value (especially in this years deep early rounds). Bear in mind this is my ideal draft but I've tried to keep it in the realm of possiblity.

Trade: Brandon Marshall to Tampa for 35th/42nd/98th overall. Tampa won't retain Antonio Bryant, leaving them with... Clayton? I’d jump on this offer.

10/11th pick to Pittsburgh for 18th/82nd overall: I think its a possibility they trade up as Haden is the only true 1st round CB option in the draft (Pitts main need) and I don't like them at 18 as regarding possibly taking you know who.


18th overall selection:

Mike Iupati G, Idaho. Though I tried not to get carried off on Polynesian Freight Train... but have. I think the best option is to pick up Iaputi here as his stock will do nothing but rise come draft day. Backup option: Dan Williams, NT.


35th overall selection:

Maurkice Pouncey C, Florida. Of the 2 wants by most people I think Pouncey is the more likely to fall to the 2nd.

42nd overall selection:

Jon Asamoah G, Illinois. I know I should have probably gone Wootten or someone but I just couldn't pass up the hands-down-the-trousers prospect of having Clady/Iupati/Pouncey/Asamoah/Harris and take our O-line to new levels. Possibly my favourite player of this draft. If he doesn't fit the McDaniels mold, I don't know who does...

"He is a great athlete and has been timed running a 5.06 40-yard dash, faster than any guard at the 2009 NFL Scouting Combine. Asamoah is also a very smart player, and has been known to help teammates with schoolwork." Watch this video, you'll want him as much as me.

Trade: 45th overall selection to the Buffalo Bills for Lee Evans, WR.

Backup option: Demaryius Thomas WR, Georgia Tech. I'm a fan of Thomas and think he'd do nothing but excel when he gets out of the triple option and into our scheme. He gives a fantastic size/speed blend to give the safeties that little bit of deep threat hesitation we have lacked.


80th overall Alterraun Verner CB, UCLA. Not sure he'll still be available at this point due to his East-West shrine performances sending him up draft boards but I would pounce on him at this point.

82nd overall from Pittsburgh: Micah Johnson ILB, Kentucky. Maybe a little high (at the moment) but if the brain trust taught us anything last draft, its that they aren't afraid to go get their man early. Beast - 'nuff said.

Trade: Tony Scheffler to Cinncinati Bengals for the 84th overall selection: Tyson Alualu DE, Cal.


98th from Tampa: Dexter McCluster RB, Ole Miss.

111th Vince Oghobaase DE, Duke. 5-tec who should compete (and hopefully win) Petersons slot.


Trade: Peyton Hillis to Washington for the 132nd overall selection:

Freddie Barnes, WR, Bowling Green. Has been lighting up the East-West practices, crisp route runner and hefty production during his time in college. Hoping he will fall this far due to his small school background.


Trade 174th & 205th to St. Louis for 161st overall selection.

Not for any particular reason other than I'd rather us package out last 2 picks to move up for somebody we'd want or to sweeten the pot for Evans trade. And I got bored of writing.

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