Broncos Have Played NFL's Toughest Schedule


From the Denver Post, something that confirms what I'd already suspected or assumed. Again, this is NOT to make excuses for being 2 and 4, but this team has been in just about every game and what they've worked on in those tough early games should conceivably aid them as they move forward: One guess as to which team has played the toughest NFL schedule as the season moves into Week 7. Here's a hint: That team just lost to the 5-1 New York Jets. To those who are still trying to remove their orange face paint, it's true: The Broncos have played the league's most arduous schedule. The Broncos' opponents, in order, with their records: Jacksonville (3-3), Seattle (3-2), Indianapolis (4-2), Tennessee (4-2), Baltimore (4-2) and the Jets (5-1). The combined record of the Broncos' six opponents: 23-12, a .657 winning percentage. The 0-5 Buffalo Bills have played the next- toughest schedule, with their opponents combining for an 18-10 record (.643).