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MHR's Denver Broncos Tuesday Tweet-a-thon!

Denver Broncos Fan Tuesday Tweet-a-thon!
Denver Broncos Fan Tuesday Tweet-a-thon!

Let's have some fun, shall we? Everyone is always so serious around here! :) With Tuesday's being the 'off day' in the NFL I figured I would shake it up a bit. Twitter Tuesday will be a weekly post with Tweets from around the Twitterverse. The catch? They all have to have the #MHR tag in them. Whatever people are thinking, they can send my way and if I think they are solid, I'll post them here for the world! Perhaps, even, you might fine some new people to follow!

Since there has to be some time limitations, I'll keep the posting window open from 12:00PM - 4:00PM mt, just to see if it goes well. If it does, we'll expand on it next week. Think of it as the best comments on the Broncos - in under 140 characters, of course! Shall we begin?

@JessicaPorter13 - #MHR #Broncos need to seriously reconsider giving the ball to it just me or does he always seem to go backwards?!

@afeather1 - Raider week #MHR

@TheCraigCone - #MHR How did we lose to Jacksonville? I mean really.

@Mike_913 - #MHR To win the game the #Broncos must

@TeeSlice209 - #broncos will win 9 out of 10 to win the AFC west. Call me crazy #MHR but it will happen

@BroncoBama - If the #broncos don't beat the #raiders on Sunday I promise that mirror will be broken! #MHR

@Mike_Campbell - What do the broncos lack? Put up 300+ passing yards with multiple wr sharing the load. Yet lose defense shuts down opponent, yet lose.#MHR

@jopo80 - the Broncos give me the feeling when i watch that their record should be a lot better? R we beating ourselves? #MHR (The Broncos are definitely beating themselves, something good teams rarely do. The Broncos are talented, but they need to play smarter - especially at crucial times.)

@jimmychick - no way the Bucs, Rams, and Cards are ahead of the Broncos in this week's @ESPN Power Rankings. They'll be top 12 by week 16.#MHR

@BertjanB - Ticket for the Broncos game in London arrived today. Super excited to see my team for the first time! #MHR

@Tresdad23 - any guess on the score this weekend? #Broncos #MHR (I'll say 23-6 Broncos!)

@deann16 - Since the Titans beat Jags & we(Broncos) beat the Titans doesn't it reason that we're better than the Jags? #MHR #Broncos

@ballinnickcast - If we do not CRUSH the Raiders, Let the Mock Draft season begin. I should be able to hit 50 if I start after Sunday. #MHR

@brianmonger - To what would you attribute last week's improved running attack? Beadles, more focus? #MHR (Tebow, baby!)

@t_hufford - if we lose to kyle boller, we don't deserve to be an nfl team anymore. #MHR

@Worthington - The #12thMan really showed up for #Broncos Sunday, let's hope we keep it up and bring back the #MileHighMagic #MHR (Made us out-of-towners proud!!!)

@eds3trey - #MHR is Maroney the worst RB you've ever seen in Orange & Blue?

@Josh_Moczygemba - Honestly, don't you feel that the remaining 10 games are winnable? @ KC worries me, rest are toss ups at worst. #MHR

Thanks everyone! Let me know your thoughts.....Is this something you want to see every week?