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Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos: Destined to Rule the West

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As I begin here,  I find myself in the uncomfortable position of having to retract a statement I made last week about the Denver Broncos season being lost if they fell to the New York Jets. Yes, I admit that I was wrong. Kyle Orton!

Perhaps it was the overall ineptitude of the AFC West this past weekend or, more likely, it is how this young team has carried itself against some of the biggest contenders in the league. Either way, the Broncos remain in excellent position to grab destiny by the throat. It starts this week, with the dysfunctional Oakland Raiders. It's time to take care of business and the business of the Broncos is two-fold: Finish 6-2 at home and NEVER lose to a division rival at home. Tim Tebow!

First things first. I have a few bones to pick with various folks in the etherworld - here and everywhere. The next person to complain about Josh McDaniels' play calling had better be prepared to bash Kyle Orton as well. After all, it is the quarterbacks job to read and analyze the opposing defenses and, if necessary, audible. So if you have a problem with the plays being called, you have a problem with not just Josh McDaniels, but Kyle Orton as well. This is not a quasi-Orton bash by me, as I am rather pleased with the overall play calling abilities of both. They'd get an 'A' from me if not for the teams current red zone woes. No, Orton!

Another bone I feel like picking is all the people up in arms over the running play the Broncos ran on 3rd and 17 early in the fourth quarter. Hello?! The Broncos were backed up inside their own twenty yard line. The smart play is to play the field position game, not the 2010 Madden game. Sheesh. No, Tebow!

My last bone to pick here is related to the "Tebow Package". If you are going to run the wildcat with Tebow at quarterback, at least pretend he might actually throw it. Without the threat of passing, its just a gimmick offense that NFL defenses will quickly adapt too and destroy. If no throws are going to be made, then sit Tebow on the bench and keep Orton in! No, Orton!

(Note: Here is a good write up I noticed that confirms what I believe about the "Tebow Package")

The Offense

Okay, so the bones have been picked and the dead horses have been thoroughly beaten, now what? The Oakland Raiders baby! Now, I would say the keys to this game is for the offense to abuse their overrated secondary for 400 yards and assault their crappy front seven for another 200 yards on the ground, but I won't. For whatever reason, the Raiders always seem to get up from the Black Hole of Losers to sucker punch the Broncos in the gonads IN DENVER. I was in my twenties the last time the Broncos won at home against the Oakland Raiders. Disgusting. No, Tebow!

The Broncos sit at 1-2 this season at home, which means they MUST win out in order to finish at the Tim Lynch specified MANDATORY 6-2 record or better home record. Therefore, I expect the offense to torch the Raiders mightily and for the Broncos to seize control of their AFC West destiny. Orton!

I may be the only person on the planet who thinks this, but after watching the game again, Russ Hochstein looked pretty solid in the run game. I am starting to think we may have found the right five guys on the line for the rest of 2010. About six weeks late, but at least it is finally here! The rushing game needs to continue to build on last weekends success. Kyle Orton is better served without the incredible pressure of having to do it all, as would any quarterback. The more balanced this offense becomes, the more dangerous it will be to opposing defenses. Tebow!

The Defense

It was nice to be right for a change. The infusion of youth on defense was exactly what gave them an edge over the Jets. Mark Sanchez, I think, is more confident when he has time to prepare for the opposing defense. With so little film on these younger guys, Sanchez's confidence wasn't what it would be normally. All in all, it was a tremendous defensive performance whose only black mark was a somewhat dubious pass interference call on fourth down that essentially decided the game. Orton!

However, that edge we saw will degrade with each passing game these youngsters play. Hopefully, the Broncos will be able to start returning some of the veteran starters and backups in the coming weeks. At least we know the cupboards are no longer bare on the defensive side of the ball. Tebow!

I see the defense being right where it should be in terms of development and execution. This unit will continue to dishearten us fans at times, but I expect them to get better each and every week. A finish near the middle of the pack in most meaningful categories by seasons end is about what we should expect. 2011 should be an interesting jump for this defense and the talent and leadership should be enough to crack the top ten. Orton!

The goal this week is the same as last week. STOP THE RUN. The Broncos do this and they will come out of this game with an easy victory. Tebow!

Civil War of the Subconscious

Whoa! I just went back to edit my story and I noticed I subconsciously typed in Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow after each paragraph.  It almost seems like my subconscious is arguing with itself... I had no idea a civil war was waging within the confines of my own mind. 

Well, it's time to get all Jimmy Carter/George Bush on my ass. It's time to sit down and ask myself why.  

JC/GB: KO, why should you be starting?

KO: Because I'm a pimp daddy with a neckbeard who is playing like the second coming of Elway man!

JC/GB: TT, why should you be starting?

TT: Because everyone loves me and my work ethic makes Peyton Manning look lazy. GBx2.

JC/GB: Why are you better than TT, KO?

KO: Hey man, I've perfected my craft. Like a good neighbor, Kyle Orton's there.

JC/GB: Why are you better than KO, TT?

TT: KO has a 12 month headstart, so maybe his craft is perfect. My craft is only scratching the surface, so like Nike, TT just does it!

JC/GB: So for 2010, what's best for the Denver Broncos NOW?

KO: Nobody does what I do, but I must admit, having TT in for certain packages might be a good thing.

TT: Honestly, it's Orton's team right now, I just want to contribute.

JC/GB: So we all should be happy that both of you are playing?

KO/TT: Absolutely! (followed by touchy/feely hugs and tears)

Ah, my subconsious has become one again.  I'm no longer crazy right? There. Thank you peanut farming oil man for settling the Civil War within my mind.

See how easy that was? Kyle Orton is the starter and a damn good one. Tim Tebow is the backup and a damn good one. This year is Kyle Orton's time. Most of us remember what happened when the Broncos made a quarterback change during the season, so let's not follow the rabbit back down that hole. The way I see it, whoever ends up the starter in 2011 or 2012, the Broncos will be better for it. Regardless.

From the Archives...

Ok, so with all the Tebowmaniacs coming out of the woodwork and all the Tebow haters/Orton lovers vehemently defending all that is Orton, I felt it was time to revisit and two old posts written by Steve Nichols regarding how to build "cred" on MHR.

There are several ways to go about discussion any given situation with people without resorting to name calling, cursing or commenting on how big of a mistake it was that their parents decided to have a child. All things not very nice and serves only to cause people to look at you with vitriol. 

I also included a bonus post from Steve for those of you who already have the cred and are looking for something a bit more challenging. 

Football University: Building Cred at MHR Part 1 and Part 2 by Steve Nichols

MHR University: 2008 Final Exams! by Steve Nichols

Hope you enjoyed these. Steve's a busy guy right now, but we hope to have him back in the fold before the end of the regular season.

Go Broncos!