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FINAL: Oakland Raiders 59 - Denver Broncos 14; Worst. Loss. Ever.

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Category Broncos Raiders
Score 14 59
Rushing Yards
17 car. 75 yards (4.4 ypc) 52 car. 328 yards (6.3 ypc)
Passing Yards
165 180
Total Yards 240 508
3rd Down Conversions 2-11 6-13
T.O.P 21:20 38:40
3 0

Let me save all sides a bunch of time, effort and the possibility of banishment. This was an embarrassing loss today. No other way to say it. The blame lies with everyone in the building - no one is above fault in all this. The Broncos were out-classed by the Oakland Raiders in every facet of the game. It is the coaches job to get his players ready to play, yes. It is the players responsibility to play. Neither did their job and the final score was just the beginning on how one-sided this game was.

It seems fitting that the 100th meeting between the Broncos and Raiders be historical. Unfortunately for the Orange and Blue, all the history was made by the Silver and Black. 59 points were a team record for points scored in a game. That is a lot of history - a lot of really good teams. This Raiders team is not that, yet they did it.

A loss like this is unacceptable - just as it was in December of 2008 when the Broncos lost to the Chargers in San Diego 52-21 or 2007 when the Chargers embarrassed the Broncos in Denver 41-3. Even last season, it was the Chargers that crushed the Broncos 32-3. All embarrassing, but none felt like this. This one is the worst.

Yes, I am counting the 42-10 loss to the Redskins and 55-10 loss to the 49'ers in Super Bowls past. Yep, I'm talking about a playoff loss to an expansion team playing in its second season back in 1995 - my previous worst feeling. To me, this was worse than all of them. Coming off what I had deemed a 'season-killer' last week, the Broncos had two ways to go - fight or flight. They chose the wrong door.

Perhaps a trip to another continent is just what the Broncos need. Last season, the Tennessee Titans lost to the New England Patriots 59-0. They responded by finishing the season 8-2. Will that happen with this team? Not by what I saw today. At home. Against the Raiders of all teams.

The point? Forget all the debating, all the arguing over the next several hours, days, weeks, etc. This game was an embarrassment by everyone who works for Pat Bowlen. No one is above ridicule and frankly it is deserved.

There are 9 game left in the 2010 season, and for the first time I think several members of the organization are working/playing for their jobs. You just cannot lose to a mediocre team - a mediocre RAIDERS TEAM - by 45 points in your building when the game meant so much. I don't call for people's jobs, I don't resort to name calling. I call it like I see it, and today I saw a team that is beleaguered by injuries, yes, but also completely unprepared to play football.

That is unacceptable.