49ers-Broncos: Ask Niners Nation

Hey guys. Your man John Bena and I go way back here at SB Nation and actually, when Niners Nation first started in December 2006, one of our earliest game threads was the 49ers-Broncos overtime game that cost y'all a playoff spot. I apologize for bringing up a sore subject, but given the current situation of my 49ers, I have to reflect on anything positive I can find.

All hell has broken loose in 49ers land, while your Broncos are certainly struggling as well. I'd imagine the NFL is STOKED to have our two teams representing the league in London. For now let's at least hope for an entertaining football game if nothing else.

I'm particularly interested in a quality game because I will actually be attending the game. Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11am pacific I'll be taking off from San Francisco International Airport to head over to London for a week. Naturally I'm really excited about it and will try and get as many pictures as I can both of the 49ers and Broncos (as well as London itself of course). Whatever I can get of the Broncos I'll post over here.

Normally I try and answer questions at the opposing team's blog each week. Since I'll be traveling all Wednesday, I'm going to post a FanShot at Niners Nation and have my community come over to answer your questions. We've got a fun group of folks over there and I think it should make for a fun interaction. So, fire away with your questions and best of luck on Sunday.

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