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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks 10/31/10


Broncos and 49ers prepare for English on the ball - The Denver Post
Surely this wasn't what the NFL envisioned 10 months ago when it scheduled its fourth consecutive international series game for London.

Paige: Merry old Josh, if Broncos win - The Denver Post
Outlined against a natural gas holder in the gray October sky, the forlorn Broncos strode again.

Klis: Public funding fuels fury - The Denver Post
Unintentionally, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell may have explained the deeper meaning of why Broncos fans are so angry with their team.

Bowlen has turned Broncos into punch line - The Denver Post
"Dear Pat Bowlen: I have been a die-hard Broncos fan for many years. Mr. Bowlen, I want you to know how extremely disappointed I am with the direction of your franchise. This team is an absolute disgrace, and I hold you accountable. You have run what was a very proud team with a loyal fan base into the ground. You were once considered the greatest owner in sports. That is a distant memory. We used to laugh at the Oakland Raiders. Today, the NFL is laughing at the Broncos."

Ryan McBean: A survivor's toughness - The Denver Post
You have to listen closely to Ryan McBean to catch it, but it's there. Jamaica.

Wembley Stadium turf wet and wild - The Denver Post
Wembley Stadium is a $1.16 billion athletic showplace. It's a storied stadium with a history, in all of its volumes, that includes Olympic Games, Live Aid and a long list of "greatest" soccer moments.

Broncos fans travel far and wide - The Denver Post
From 5,000 miles and seven time zones away, Sean Salter followed every play of the Broncos' game last week against the Raiders in Denver.

A blue-and-orange road trip for Broncos - The Denver Post
wasn't enough for Bill Hambright and three of his buddies to attend every home Broncos game at Invesco Field, where he owns four season tickets in the stadium's South Stands.

Today's games: Top teams go old school - The Denver Post
Maybe nobody was looking, but a funny thing happened on the way to the groundbreaking, tradition- shaking passing league a lot of folks at the networks seem to want to make the NFL these days.

NFL: More games in London - The Denver Post
In the midst of the Commissioner's Fan Forum starring Roger Goodell here Saturday at the Landmark Hotel, the wisecrack was uttered by the guy from Italy wearing the Champ Bailey jersey.

British American Football Association all about love of game - The Denver Post
The British American Football champions didn't earn a single pound last year. news: Texans-Colts rematch highlights exciting Week 8 slate
This isn't the deepest pool of games ever, but hey, when you have teams like the Ravens, Falcons and Giants on a bye, and the schedule is a game lighter than last week, that can happen. We do have two more monster prime time games and some of the more intriguing 4 p.m. starts than in many weeks past. news: Favre likely to start in Vikings-Patriots game despite injuries
All signs point to Brett Favre starting Sunday for the Minnesota Vikings, despite fractures in his left ankle and heel. news: Addai doubtful, Brown questionable as Colts ready for Texans
It appears that Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts will return from their bye without running back Joseph Addai. - News List - Trafalgar Triumph
More than 38,000 NFL fans packed Trafalgar Square in central London on Saturday afternoon as the stars came out to show that the NFL was in town. - News List - The big day is here
Gameday for the 2010 Pepsi Max NFL International Series game has dawned and 85,000 fans are expected to descend on Wembley Stadium today to see the San Francisco 49ers host the Denver Broncos. - News List - Wembley walk-through
The San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos completed their preparations for Sunday's 2010 Pepsi Max NFL International Series game by visiting Wembley Stadium on Saturday for a pre-game walkthrough.

Lawyer expects Jenn Sterger, NFL to meet next week over Brett Favre matter - ESPN
An attorney for Jenn Sterger said Saturday he expects his client to meet with the NFL next week about the league's investigation into the Brett Favre matter.

Wisconsin candidates to suspend politics during Green Bay Packers game - ESPN
Wisconsin candidates are campaigning with urgency as the election approaches, but even they know not to interfere with one tradition -- the Green Bay Packers.

Source: Hurt Dallas Cowboys CB Terence Newman set to play - ESPN Dallas
Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman hasn't practiced all week due to a rib muscle strain

Fisher: 'Good chance' QB Young will start Sunday - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Tennessee coach Jeff Fisher said Friday that "there is a good chance" quarterback Vince Young(notes) will start Sunday against San Diego.

NFL: Is it Tebow time in Denver? - Yahoo! Sports Video
You're watching NFL: Is it Tebow time in Denver?-With the Broncos offense suddenly struggling, should rookie Tim Tebow be the starting quarterback? on the NFL:Y! Sports: NFL video channel brought to you by Yahoo! Sports

Report: Brett Favre expects to start Sunday vs. Patriots - NFL -
Brett Favre expects to start for the Minnesota Vikings against the New England Patriots on Sunday despite two fractures in his left ankle, according to a report by ESPN.

Bryant's return to boost Cowboys, more analysis - Will Carroll -
Each week, I've been getting so many questions over on Twitter that I'm running into something that's referred to as "Twitter Jail." I won't get into the technical reasons, but Twitter has a limit of 1,000 tweets a day to guard against spammers and bots, but I don't think they recognized what fantasy players would be like on Sunday mornings. To try and get you the best information, I'll be adding a Sunday morning chat to help. Be sure to put that in your calendar for 11 a.m. until noon Eastern. Since reading Michael Beller's article this week here at SI Fantasy, I've been following his advice and watching the line to see how it correlates with player injury news. It's pretty amazing how close and how quick Vegas adjusts. I've got a "secret weapon" site I discovered late in the week and I'll share it with you once I get a better feel for how accurate it is for fantasy purposes. I'd also be remiss if I didn't point out the great articles about concussions in this week's edition of SI. Peter King's piece on research is one that should be a must-read for everyone that watches the game. I read on my iPad each week and the added features it had made it worth every penny. Great work, guys. Let's hope that we don't have many concussions - or any other injuries - to talk about after this week's games. Speaking of, let's get to them: