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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 11/1/10

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Broncos offense struggles at Wembley Stadium; 49ers win 24-16 - The Denver Post
Here in a kingdom ruled by a queen, where the fall air is chilled and damp and the people are hungry for American football no matter how well it is played, nothing changed.

Paige: Either here or there, Broncos are rubbish - The Denver Post
To the British, the Broncos were rubbish.

Analysis: Broncos failed to force Troy Smith into mistakes - The Denver Post
In a perfect world, if the Broncos were on a roll, they would have been able to take the game away from 49ers running back Frank Gore on Sunday and put it in quarterback Troy Smith's hands.

Kyle Orton's numbers strong, but his mistakes costly for Broncos - The Denver Post
Kyle Orton joined the Broncos as a quarterback with ugly stats but a knack for winning.

Moss kicking himself after Royal loses TD - The Denver Post
Outside linebacker Jarvis Moss was one of the last players to leave the Broncos' locker room Sunday after their 24-16 loss to the San Francisco 49ers at Wembley Stadium.

49ers' deep pass to set up tying TD gets by Dawkins, Bailey - The Denver Post
was the type of play for the 49ers that never should have worked.

NFL, Broncos bring game-day party to London - The Denver Post
It isn't just the game of American football itself that is foreign to sports fans in the United Kingdom, but the whole game-day experience.

Niners 24, Broncos 16: Bests, worsts and the ex factor - The Denver Post
Easy to please: It was a home game for the 49ers at Wembley Stadium in London, but the crowd cheered mostly for big offensive and defensive plays — regardless of the team. That made for an interesting and unusual NFL experience.

Wembley crowd found something to cheer about, if not a team | All Things Broncos
Despite the abundance of red 49ers flags, cheers for San Francisco and boos during Broncos team introductions at Wembley Stadium today, it was clear the game was hardly a home match for the 49ers.

NFL Game Center: Denver Broncos at San Francisco 49ers - 2010 Week 8
With a change of scenery and a change of quarterback, maybe the San Francisco 49ers can still turn their season around.

NFL Game Center: Tennessee Titans at San Diego Chargers - 2010 Week 8
There was a bad vibe once again hanging over the San Diego Chargers, who were booed as they left the field at halftime trailing the Tennessee Titans by five.

NFL Game Center: Minnesota Vikings at New England Patriots - 2010 Week 8
Broken play. Quarterback scrambles away from the rush, spins to elude another defender and chucks it downfield. news: Moss held to one catch in return to Gillette Stadium
"It was hard for me to come here to play, an up and down thing. I was on a roller coaster all week," said Moss, who had one catch for 8 yards for Minnesota. "To see these guys running plays and I know what they are doing, I know what type of feeling they have in the locker room.

NFL Game Center: Washington Redskins at Detroit Lions - 2010 Week 8
It's about time the Detriot Lions start to see a return from their top draft picks. news: Cowboys' Jones has no plans to change coaches midseason
Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said he doesn't plan to change head coaches following his team's 35-17 home loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

New Orleans Saints' win over Steelers could be springboard to second-half run - Tim Layden -
There was ample noise in this city on Sunday night and deep into Monday morning, because it was Halloween and that is something like a junior varsity Mardi Gras around here. There was music spilling out of the storefronts of every bar on Bourbon Street and the giddy thrum of a thousand vaguely drunken conversations, every voice trying to make itself heard over all the others until none are heard at all -- and it's just a seismic blur. It's like this most nights here, but louder on some than others, and in particular when it seems like half the city is in costume.

Dolphins vs. Bengals - Recap - October 31, 2010 - NFL - Football -
The Dolphins knotted their ties, slipped on their suit coats and headed for the bus, another impressive win in their travel bag.

Wade Phillips should be fired; Donovan McNabb's time up with Redskins? - Peter King -
Sunday, Week 8. About as boring a football Sunday as there could be for the first couple of hours, Denver and San Francisco exporting horrible football to London; the Redskins stinking it up at Detroit; the Cowboys looking as pathetic as the '62 Mets; Kansas City and Buffalo playing offensive football like it was 1930 and not 2010; the Jets throwing a slumber party for their offense.

Resourceful Packers, struggling Jets, more Snap Judgments - Don Banks -
Musings, observations and the occasional Week 8 insight as we take in an NFL Sunday chock full of both tricks and treats ...

Favre, Vikes firmly pressed against the ropes - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Brett Favre(notes) lay motionless on the Gillette Stadium turf, blood spurting from his gray-stubbled chin, his head woozy, the feeling temporarily gone from his flushed face. For the Minnesota Vikings and their befuddled fans, it was a grisly and ghastly Halloween scene.

Owens full of tricks and treats for Bengals - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
There were some obvious targets for criticism in Week 8. From Dallas, where the Cowboys defense quit on head coach/defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, to Cincinnati, where Carson Palmer(notes) couldn’t do anything in the second half, to the Redskins, who got hammered in Detroit and created a quarterback controversy in the process by pulling Donovan McNabb(notes).

Succop's FG lifts Chiefs past Bills in OT 13-10 - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Ryan Succop(notes) got a second chance to test out his new approach to dealing with the swirling wind at Arrowhead Stadium.