I Hoping Some Of Ya'll Can Clear The Air A Bit

Alright, so here's the deal. I'm going to be in the Denver-Boulder area from tomorrow until Monday. I'm mainly in town to check out the CU Buffs vs. Iowa State Cyclones (as I run the SBNation site for ISU, and I want to see my Cyclones try and secure a bowl bid), but that's not the only thing I'm hoping to do. I was planning on going to the Broncos game on Sunday because I've always been told that going to a Broncos game is a live-ass atmosphere, and due to the fact that the CU game is going to be the polar opposite, I was very much looking forward to this.

Then comes the 2-6 start from the Broncos. I've been going online about fans boycotting going to the game, and things like that. I just want to know: if I go to the game on Sunday, is it still going to be a fun time? I like the NFL, watch the NFL, so I know what I'm getting on the field. But if its going to be "meh" at Invesco, am I better served just watching it on TV, perhaps at a local establishment?

So help a guy out. Am I throwing money down the toilet going to this game, or do you still think it will be a good time? I've seen a lot of the Chiefs, and I think this is a close game the Broncos can win.


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