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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 11/11/10


Broncos' Orton taking too many hits - The Denver Post
And over the course of the past five games, Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton has been on the wrong side of that splat far too many times.

Kiszla: Cutler wasn't such a loss for Broncos after all - The Denver Post
There will be two NFL quarterbacks better than you throwing passes in Denver on Sunday.

Broncos' McDaniels worked with the Chiefs' coordinators and QB when they were all Patriots - The Denver Post
When the Chiefs come to town Sunday to play McDaniels' Broncos, McDaniels will be facing his offensive coaching mentor (Charlie Weis), another former colleague (Romeo Crennel) and a quarterback that he helped turn into an NFL starter (Matt Cassel), all now with Kansas City.

Broncos bring back RB Lance Ball - The Denver Post
The Broncos re-signed running back Lance Ball to the active roster Wednesday after there was interest from another team in signing him off Denver's practice squad. Ball said that team was the Indianapolis Colts.

Analysis: Broncos must stick with run - The Denver Post
Consider this something for the Broncos and other teams in the NFL to think about: Ten teams in the league have averaged 29 carries per game this season, led by the Chiefs' 36.3 carries.

Q&A: Denver offensive line battling inexperience, injury problems - The Denver Post
Q: I've read multiple analyses this year about the reasons for the Denver offensive line's struggles — players recovering from injuries (Ryan Clady, Ryan Harris and Russ Hochstein), starting rookies (J.D. Walton and Zane Beadles) and different lineups. Is it fair to question, however, whether part of the struggle is because the offensive line simply doesn't have top-tier talent?

Chiefs thrilled with addition of former Bronco Wiegmann | All Things Broncos
The Broncos unceremoniously released center Casey Wiegmann last February, believing the 37-year-old, 285-pound lineman no longer fit the Broncos plan to get younger and bigger up front.

Tebow wishes the best for Cam Newton | All Things Broncos
There’s one guy in the Broncos locker room with a vote for the Heisman Trophy, and it just so happens that Tim Tebow has inside information about the embattled front runner for college football’s top honor.

Lance Ball promotion a tough break? | All Things Broncos
The Indianapolis Colts, ever in need of a running back, were about to sign Lance Ball off the Broncos’ practice squad. news: Falcons' Ryan cream of talented young crop of NFL QBs
Baltimore's Joe Flacco has the big arm. Detroit's Matthew Stafford has tremendous upside, except for durability concerns. The Jets' Mark Sanchez can improvise. Tampa Bay's Josh Freeman, he has it all, except for experience. Atlanta's Matt Ryan is the most complete of the lot. news: Falcons, Ravens among teams in position for strong finishes
Back in 2005, Jim Mora's Atlanta Falcons jumped to a 6-2 record at the halfway point of the season, seemingly delivering on the promise set forth the year before when they advanced to the NFC title game. Then, in Week 10, a journeyman running back named Samkon Gado and the reeling Green Bay Packers stunned the Falcons 33-25. From that point, Atlanta paved the path for what Josh McDaniels' Broncos did in 2009, finishing 2-6 and out of the playoffs. news: Capers' creative blitz schemes make Packers' D dangerous
Mention the Green Bay Packers and the conversation quickly turns to quarterback Aaron Rodgers. When you study the Packers, however, it is Pro Bowl linebacker Clay Matthews jumping out of the tape, and coordinator Dom Capers setting Matthews and the defense up to shine. news: Unlikely trio of QBs top the charts in passer rating
Have you taken a look at the NFL passing statistics lately? Where are all the "good" guys? The franchise quarterbacks? More importantly, how did all these secondary quarterbacks sneak into the top five? Blogs " Blog Archive Don’t let Peyton Hillis fool you "
I can’t help but think that if there has ever been a perfect marriage between a player and a city in recent seasons, we’re seeing it with Hillis and Cleveland.

Colts sign David Pender, Ray Small to practice squad | National Football Post
The Indianapolis Colts signed cornerback David Pender and wide receiver Ray Small to the practice squad.

Midseason MVP watch | National Football Post
Now that we are at the mythical halfway point of the 2010 season, let’s start talking about the MVP race. What players are on my list as the top candidates to take home the award at the end of the year—and who is the overall front-runner?

NFL parity thriving midseason | National Football Post
Parity lives. According to Elias Sports Bureau, this season marks the first since 1959 – I think Brett Favre was a rookie then:) – that every NFL team has lost at least two of its first eight games.

Source: Browns work out three defensive backs | National Football Post
The Cleveland Browns auditioned three defensive backs Tuesday, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation.

Dave Meggett sentenced to 30 years in prison for sexual assault | National Football Post
Dave Meggett, a two-time Pro Bowl performer and a member of the Super Bowl XXV New York Giants, has been sentenced to 30 years in prison in South Carolina after he was convicted of criminal sexual conduct and burglary charges.

Randy Moss says he is ready to get to work with Tennessee Titans - ESPN
Randy Moss says he's sorry things didn't work out with in Minnesota and that he isn't upset with the Vikings or coach Brad Childress for waiving him.

Pittsburgh Steelers place starting left tackle Max Starks on IR - ESPN
The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered a major blow to their offensive line Wednesday as starting left tackle Max Starks was put on injured reserve with a neck injury, the team announced.

Miami Dolphins to replace QB Chad Henne with Chad Pennington - ESPN
A text message Chad Pennington received at home provided the first hint of a promotion.

NFL Power Rankings for Week 10 has Steelers at No. 1 - Don Banks -
So here we are, with 50.8 percent of the league's regular season in the books, and there's not even a one-loss team remaining, let alone an undefeated club. Strange to think of what a November and December in the NFL is going to be like without members of the 1972 Dolphins popping up on media platforms everywhere.

NFL parity in full effect with unprecedented logjam atop divisions - Don Banks -
With every NFL team having played at least half their games at this point, it's a logical time to take stock of the standings and the eight division races. And here's what jumps out: We've got races galore. I'm talking races everywhere you look. In fact, for the first time since the league's 2002 realignment, we've got razor-thin margins in every single division at midseason. Eight for eight.

Falcons' top WR Roddy White questionable for Ravens - NFL -
Roddy White was limited in Atlanta's final practice and has been listed as questionable for Thursday night's game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Wade Phillips' firing proves timing is everything in coaching - Michael Rosenberg -
In the wake of Wade Phillips getting fired, I keep thinking: what if Wade Phillips had been fired? Perhaps I should explain.

Ban punting in NFL? It's not a crazy idea - Paul Daugherty -
OK, maybe not ban it. A punting ban would provoke coronaries around the NFL. Coaches would be wandering zombie-like between film sessions, mumbling about "field position'' and "establishing the running game.'' They wouldn't know what to do. Conventional wisdom -- which is the only kind NFL coaches believe in -- would be history. Goodness knows what would happen next. Innovation, maybe.

Plenty of pleasant surprises around the league - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Here we are at the unofficial midpoint of the 17-game regular season – there must be a designated midpoint, so Internet companies, TV networks and print-media survivors can program accordingly – and as I prepare to lay out the NFL’s pecking order in inquisitive form, I’m desperately searching for themes.

The absurdly premature 2010 playoff picture: Week 9 - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
I'm not sure how it happened, but the NFC's gradual shift from inferior conference to superior conference seemed to complete itself this week. I see five NFC teams that have a legit shot at winning the Super Bowl: the Giants, Eagles, Packers, Saints and Falcons. Meanwhile, I don't know if there's any team in the AFC you'd point at and say, "Yes, over the past two weeks, they have been Super Bowl impressive." The closest to that? The Oakland Raiders.

Jim McMahon: ‘My memory's pretty much gone' - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Sad news from one of the most interesting and entertaining players of this last generation -- According to the Chicago Tribune, former Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles (among other teams) quarterback Jim McMahon is suffering from memory loss that he ties to head injuries he suffered during his NFL career. The 51-year-old McMahon was the controversial "punky QB," and the winning signal-caller in the Chicago Bears' 46-10 Super Bowl XX victory in January of 1986.

Crazy season marked by 20 degrees of Welker - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
So much doesn’t make sense around the NFL this fall. The season is halfway over and there’s no real Super Bowl favorite. Two teams figured to be among NFC’s best (Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings) have a combined four wins. The best team in the AFC has yet to emerge. Stars have been traded or dumped for nothing