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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 11/15/10


Broncos return to Denver to rout rival Kansas City Chiefs 49-29 - The Denver Post
There are subtle improvements, significant upgrades and enormous enhancements. And then there are 73-point, early-game swings.

Kiszla: Haley should make like a comet and leave - The Denver Post
How crummy does if feel to be you right now, Kansas City coach Todd Haley? You just got punked by one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Paige: News flash — McD rallies his troops - The Denver Post
The Broncos had a 55-point turnaround on Sunday. After the 59-14 debacle against the Raiders, the Broncos bulldozed the Chiefs 49-29, and it could have been 79-19.

Broncomania strained by struggles, yet perseveres - The Denver Post
It is four hours before kickoff, and in the far northwest corner of Invesco Field at Mile High's Lot G, at the intersection of Tailgate Drive and Bronco Boulevard, the emotions are mixed.

Broncos' cherry-picking plan yields sweet treats for Tebow - The Denver Post
"I don't necessarily look at my job like that," Tebow said, after first laughing at the suggestion. "I'm just excited to have the opportunity to contribute and help the team. That makes you feel good."

Analysis: Broncos defense set up by Kyle Orton, Jason Hunter - The Denver Post
For a moment, Broncos linebacker Jason Hunter just wanted to soak it all in, let it wash over him that one of the league's worst defenses against the run had made the league's No. 1 rushing attack look like parsley on the plate.

Hunter's TD run a happy case of happenstance - The Denver Post
Broncos linebacker Jason Hunter thinks he was just the right guy in the right place.

Teammates stand by Williams - The Denver Post
Broncos coach Josh McDaniels gathered his six remaining team captains Saturday for a private meeting, asking for input on how the Broncos should punish linebacker D.J. Williams.

Broncos-Chiefs rivalry heats up without a handshake agreement - The Denver Post
Coaches Josh McDaniels of the Broncos and Todd Haley of the Chiefs didn't shake hands when they met on the field after Sunday's game.

Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams talks ... via Twitter | All Things Broncos
D.J. Williams declined to talk to reporters after the Broncos 49-29 win Sunday night. But he did take to his personal Twitter account to send a message to Broncos fans.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley blows off postgame handshake with Josh McDaniels | All Things Broncos
Haley, the last man out of the visiting locker room, was asked about the exchange on his way to the team bus: "Just part of the game," he said.

NFL Game Center: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns - 2010 Week 10
New York Jets at Cleveland Browns NFL Game Center news: 'Other' 49ers QB Smith continues string of strong starts
There was enough suspense in Week 10 for a month's worth of games. The Hail Mary play in the Houston-Jacksonville game reminded me of Doug Flutie's legendary throw back at Boston College against Miami.

NFL Game Center: New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers - 2010 Week 10
New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Game Center

NFL Game Center: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears - 2010 Week 10
Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears NFL Game Center

NFL Game Center: Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts - 2010 Week 10
Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts NFL Game Center

NFL Game Center: Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 2010 Week 10
Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Game Center

NFL Game Center: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants - 2010 Week 10
Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants NFL Game Center

NFL Game Center: Detroit Lions at Buffalo Bills - 2010 Week 10
Detroit Lions at Buffalo Bills NFL Game Center Blogs " Blog Archive Injury roundup: Browns lose Cribbs "
It was a rough day on the injury front for the Browns, who lost WR Joshua Cribbs (foot), CB Sheldon Brown (shoulder) and LB Scott Fujita (knee) in the overtime loss to the Jets. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Cribbs dislocated four toes on his right foot.

Fired-up Tom Brady leads New England Patriots to emotional win - ESPN Boston
Vintage Tom Brady.

Rapid Reaction: Broncos 49, Chiefs 29 - AFC West Blog - ESPN
A look at an unexpected 49-29 blowout that shakes up the AFC West.

New England Patriots still own the Steelers when it counts -- regardless of venue - Don Banks -
Here are five things we learned from New England's 39-26 throttling of Pittsburgh on Sunday night at Heinz Field, in a surprisingly one-sided showdown of AFC superpowers ...

Niners' players want Troy Smith to start at QB or may revolt - Morning Jolt -
In a game that was won by an ailing kicker and that included Joe Staley playing on a broken left leg, there may be possibility of further fracture in San Francisco.

Patriots? Jets? Giants? There are no super NFL teams this season - Peter King -
Before we go to those exciting places, a look at what lies ahead. After tonight's Donovan McNabb Referendum Bowl, there will be seven weeks left in the NFL season. Seven weeks, 112 games. I don't know how you measure such a thing, but I've got to think this has a chance -- a chance, nothing more, nothing less -- to be the most interesting last month we've ever seen in the NFL.

Dallas Cowboys' attitude-adjustment win may spark second-half run - Andrew Perloff -
No team can completely change in a matter of six days, even if they do fire their head coach. But the Giants did not see the same Cowboys that lost to the Packers 45-7 last week. They didn't see the same Cowboys that they beat 41-35 in Week 7. They didn't see the same Dallas team that scuttled to a 1-7 start and defied all the experts who predicted they'd compete in a home Super Bowl next February.

Todd Haley will not play nice with Josh McDaniels - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
That fantastic photograph by Justin Edmonds for Getty Images pretty much tells the story. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley didn't offer a handshake to Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels after the game. Instead, he appeared to offer a stern mini lecture

Garrett's tight leash momentarily works for 'Boys - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The change from ambivalence to command came so abruptly last week that the Dallas Cowboys’ players sensed Jason Garrett had been planning for his first day as a head coach for years. But in a sport where control means everything and coaches are ultimately judged by their authority, an obvious question lingered over the Meadowlands on Sunday night.

Brady's competitive spirit alive and well - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Late in the third quarter of a Steeltown smackdown that reverberated throughout the football world, Tom Brady(notes) struck a pose.

Quiet outings for Moss, Marshall - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Welcome to a bad day for star wide receivers who are trying desperately to feel at home.