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Under Review - Kyle Orton And The Play Action

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When the Broncos played the Kansas City Chiefs, our offense was not like anything we have seen in our 25 games with Josh McDaniels. For once, the Broncos were successfully able to run the ball and effectively run an offense that involved the play action as our main weapon. Thanks to the 100+ yard performance by Knowshon Moreno, the Chiefs could not cheat and drop their secondary knowing that a run game was not a reliable option for us.

If the Broncos want to continue to win this season and get themselves back into contention into the AFC West, it has to start Monday night, and it has to start with first establishing a run game. Once we can do that, the play-action will open up and we should have no problem moving the ball down field against the Chargers. To put it simple, Kyle Ortons stats on play-action this season is 52/77, 12 Yards per play, 4 touchdowns and a QB rating of 120. Simply. Incredible.

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vs KAN / 11.14.10 Passing Rushing
Comp Att Pct Yds TD Rush Yds Avg TD
Kyle Orton 22 34 60.0 296 4 1 -1 -1.0 0

In my video today, I reviewed along with commentary how well the play-action worked. Some things I discovered were:

  1. We often like to put a receiver in motion when we use play-action
  2. I really like us putting Demaryius Thomas in the backfield
  3. A lot of our playaction ends up turning into screens to Eddie Royalor Demaryius Thomas

Again, this is the key to our success. It was the key to the 2007 Patriots offence and no surprise it is to ours. If we can start games quickly like last week (not that we should expect 35-0) we should be able to rack up some more victories this season. I think after last week the confidence from this team is just booming and I cant wait to see which Broncos team shows up on Monday.