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Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers: Show Me Something

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I was writing a story late last week titled "Homefield Disadvantage" and I felt pretty good hitting the delete button on that bad boy late Sunday afternoon. Considering that the last time this team had won a divisional home game Josh McDaniels was a hot shot Offensive Coordinator for the New England Patriots, Kyle Orton was getting booed in Chicago and Tim Tebow was winning National Title games.  Needless to say, I was about to utterly annihilate the organization with what I thought could end up being yet another home loss to a Division rival.

So yes, I felt pretty good about not having to do that since I always love me some Denver Broncos. However, one big win at home isn't enough for me to forgive and forget all that has transpired in the last two months. No, this team has a lot more penance to fulfill before I jump back on that orange and blue koolaid drinking bandwagon. In fact, dropping a fortyberger on the Kansas City Chiefs is nothing to write home about. The Broncos have dropped just two forty plus point games in the last two seasons, both against the Chiefs. Whooptie do.  Show me something meaningful; like perhaps removing the hated San Diego Chargers from playoff contention - that would be something.

The Offense

Well, now I have finally seen what this unit is actually capable of. To bad it happened in Week 10. I talk with fellow MHR member, Mdierk, fairly regularly and he has been hammering on an issue with me since preseason that I feel needs to be pointed out (if somewhat late and somewhat lamely by me) - if only because he turned out to be 100% correct. As a former lineman, Mdierk has been complaining about the offensive lines lack of continuity. After all, it took until Week 10 before the starting lineup became what everyone believed it should have been from the start. The result? Knowshon Moreno's first 100 yard performance.

The Chargers are ranked highly in defense of the run, but that stat belies the fact that the Chargers defense hasn't been put in the best situations by their special teams. I am not saying their defense is garbage, but I am saying their defense is only average. I would put them around 15-16th in the league. Not something the Broncos high powered offense should fear, in fact, the proof is in the first rank listed in this table:

San Diego Chargers Defensive Statistics
Pts. Yards Pass

It kind of reminds you of how the Broncos ranks high in yards on offense, but do not score very many points. The Chargers defense ranks high in yards, yet gives up a lot of points. 

I think the Broncos will have some success against the Chargers, as long as they don't fall behind early. Another fast start is critical to their success in this game. The one aspect of their game that is missing - another Show Me moment - is consistency. 

The Defense

The defense has been maligned with injuries for much of the year, so I have to take that into account. I know Robert Ayers is back, but it might be a good idea to limit his playing time. It just feels like Joe Mays as finally found his calling at inside linebacker and I would love to see him thump a few whiny, petulant Chargers players on Monday night. 

For there will not be much luck in bottling up Philip Rivers, the dude is having a beastly year - not the inconsistent beastly year that Kyle Orton is having either. The guy is money every game. The key will come to limiting the damage to field goals and a few timely third down stops. If the defense holds the Chargers to less than thirty points, they will have a golden opportunity to steal one away on the road against the most dangerous Division foe in the AFC West.

So far the Broncos have had one great game and four awful ones in the last five, which means they need to show me some more before I buy into what they are selling. I give the Broncos a good shot at humbling the Chargers at home, but it is going to take a perfect game on both sides of the ball and a few good plays on special teams as well. 

Show Me Something

It will take a lot more than a thrashing of the Chiefs at home to wipe clean the 59-14 disgusting performance I was forced to witness three weeks ago, so here is your chance Denver. Show Pat Bowlen he made the right move to stand pat with Josh McDaniels. Show the fans you have desire and motivation to succeed. Most importantly, show yourselves what you can achieve through playing complimentary football. 

I really have nothing else to say on the matter.

From the Archives...

Mile High Report has had a bunch of new additions to the front page staff, all of whom are great and I look forward to scheming and plotting the demise of Woody Paige, however, there is one guy who has been a pretty good accomplice and friend over the years. So I think I would like to share a few of the old Papigrande (aka Joe Kayser) moments with everyone.

Epic MHR Fantasy Football debacling of Tim Lynch's SacTown Beavers by Joe Kayser's Kansas City Wildebeests. Joe had way to much fun at the end of the comments section... 

Joe rants about trolls only to discover trolls also hate Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow, right?

MHR dot COM! I nice little MHR-love post by the love guru himself, Papigrande.  He seems to think I hated the Ryan Clady pick too, but I have unaccepted that memory and am now I huge Boise State Bronco fan.  Also, the first ever time the term "MHRboriginals" was used. Bravo man! Am I a MHRboriginal? Probably not...I'm just a glorified groupie baby!

Go Broncos!