I Blame Shanahan for this Mess

From the minute the Broncos were embarrassed by the Raiders, and up until yesterday evening I wanted Josh McDaniels fired, his staff fired, basically anyone attached to the organization fired. I wanted the Broncos to blow this whole thing up and start over. But the more I thought about how bad the Broncos are, the more I realized, this isn't all Josh McDaniels' fault. A lot of the blame falls directly on the shoulders of Mike Shanahan.

While Shanahan put a consistent average to slightly above average team on the field every year, he never fully tried to rebuild the Broncos. His drafts were poor, he made numerous mistakes in free-agency, and tried to cover up mistakes with more bad mistakes. So the Broncos became a year to year team, they were never built to sustain excellence. No players ever stayed around long enough to become a leader, or to carry on the "Bronco Way" like players of the past (Jackson, Gradishar, Elway etc...).The Broncos were a farewell tour stop for aging veterans on their way to retirement.

So enter Josh McDaniels. He inherits an average team with no talent on defense other than Bailey, a debatable franchise qb a stud WR with character issues, an aging offensive line, an aging non-pass catching tight end, an often injured pass catching tight end and absolutely no depth at any position. In my opinion he could have gone down two paths. A. He could have continued the Shanahan way and tried to add free agent pieces and tried to stay year to year a mediocre playoff contender (that plan probably wouldn't have got him the job) or B., he could do what he did, blow the whole thing up over time and try and build a team from scratch knowing that the first couple of years would be a little rough. He took option B. It's proven not to be a popular choice among Bronco fans and that's because we're not used to it. We're not used to being bad, or used to being out of playoff contention this early. But the reality is, in order for the Broncos to establish an identity, to re-create the "Broncos Way" and to maintain success over the course of many years, they have to start over. They have to re-build and that's what were going through.

If we give up on McDaniels now we'll just have to go through this whole process again with another coach. And the results will probably be the same because there just isn't enough talent on this team right now.

Let's see if the second half of the season shows us any progress, or talent. This isn't a playoff team, but I'm excited to watch the rest of the season to see if we have any building blocks for the future.

Go Broncos!

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