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Week 11 Required Reading

So earlier this week I had the idea to write a week-ending recap of the important posts that you might have missed throughout the week. I'll include both FanShots and Stories, and some content that is not from MHR. Basically what I want to do is give you a last-minute reference where you can find links to all the important information that you'll need to know heading into this week's game. I want to get it up by 8:00 PM CST every Saturday night.

MHR Roundup

First up, I'll serve up some home-grown posts right here from MHR.

KaptainKirk ~ Upon Further Review 2010 - Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers - Week 10

Kirk's Upon Further Review series will always top each week's required reading post, and for good reason. It's basically a one-stop-shop where you can find stats, styles, injuries, history, and even the weather for the upcoming game. Read this every week, and you will be knowledgeable about all of the Broncos' 2010 opponents.

Tim Lynch ~ Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers: Show Me Something

The artist formerly known as ZAPPA details some of the work we put in against Kansas City, and how we can translate that into success against the Chargers. He also provides a perspective that I think all of us--not to mention the Broncos players--should be aware of: this is a game against a hated division rival on the road, with us having an awesome chance to make up serious ground in the AFC West. The team, therefore, should show a lot of heart in this contest and refuse to go down without a fight, regardless of the outcome.

John Gennaro ~ Try and Be Nice: Answering Chargers Questions

I'll always include the weekly cross-blogging questionnaire in this feature, just in case you missed it. Click to see questions asked by fellow Broncos fans to Chargers experts regarding their team, to see how they view themselves. And next week, get there earlier so you can ask some of the questions yourself!

kentuckybronco ~ The Rest of the West - Week 11

Troy's weekly Rest of the West series will always be featured in this roundup. This week it's especially important because we're playing a divisional opponent, but it is a must-read every week as KB delivers you all the information you'll need to know about the other three AFC West teams.

intelanalyst ~ Break It Down: Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers

Along with me, Luke (intelanalyst) is the newest member of the MHR contributing staff. He'll be posting a weeklyBreak It Down column that compares the two teams statistically. I'm not a stats guy myself, but I think it's always good to have balance in everything; in this case, statistical and anecdotal analysis. If you like stats that go beyond the normal level of analysis, always check out Luke's articles.

kentuckybronco ~ How the Broncos Win the West

Troy's second offering is a simple guide on what the broncos need to do to win the AFC West. A good reference sheet for those who want to keep tabs on the division race.

FanPost of the Week ~ swg777 ~ Thoughts and Observations....

Awesome post by swg777. Not necessarily Broncos-Chargers related, but definitely worth a read if you haven't already.

Behind Enemy Lines

Next, I'll go to whatever site covers our next opponent and find out what they are saying heading into the game.

Bolts From The Blue ~ Wonko ~ AFC West Week 10 Review

Wonko takes a look at the past, present, and future of each AFC West team, providing some good analysis on how our enemy views our other enemies, as well as ourselves. He then goes on to do some bang-up DVOA analysis on the Chargers that suggests they are well on their way to their usual late-season revival. A doozy, but a fine read that provides some good perspective. An enemy perspective.

Bolts From The Blue ~ John Gennaro ~ Should the Chargers Fear the Broncos?

In the first of whatI believe to be a series of posts, John asks whether the Chargers should be afraid of the Broncos after the latter just laid a 50-burger on division-leading Kansas City. He comes to the conclusion that, no, they won't, for four reasons: The Chiefs aren't very good, the Broncos can't run the ball, the Broncos have a bad defense, and the Broncos only win games that are handed to them. Say what you will, but remember that I include this to show you how our enemies view our team.

Bolts From The Blue ~ John Gennaro ~ Should the Chargers Fear Kyle Orton?

John's second post asks whether Kyle Orton should be feared. He looks at Orton's stats in his two years under Josh McDaniels and compares them to other top-flight quarterbacks. He comes to a more favorable (for us, so don't spam him for calling the Broncos paper tigers) conclusion, saying that Orton was a steal in the Jay Cutler trade, is comparable to other 'franchise' quarterbacks, and should have been a first-round pick. Oh, and he should be feared.

Bolts From The Blue ~ John Gennaro ~ AFC West Week 11 Scenarios

John takes a look at every possible permutation when it comes to which AFC West teams win this weekend, and what it will take for the Chargers to make the playoffs in each scenario. An interesting read, as it is the enemy's take on what many of us have been trying to work out in our minds all week.

As always, if you want to see what Mainstream Media types think about the game, check back on this week's Horse Tracks!

From Deep in the Archives

Finally, I will link to something interesting that I found in the archives that will hopefully shed some perspective on where we are right now. Because it's always important to learn from the past.

John Bena ~ Broncos Have Me Feeling a 'Mile High'!

I'll open my Archive section appropriately, with the very first post ever put up on Mile High Report. It got a whopping 17 comments and 4 rec's, most from the heads of other fledgling blogs. Why do I link to this? Because it's important to understand the humble roots from which we came. MHR today is a huge, respected site with a ton of traffic, but that was not always the case. It was John talking to himself for a long, long time, and we're lucky he had the perseverance to let the site grow. Also of note is the MHR Founder's Club, which was a collection of the first seven Broncos fans to sign on at MHR: ohnokoolaid, Rox Fan in NY, PsychoChicken, Mike, Broncette, Prospector, and Jeff. Anyone seen those guys around lately?