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Under Review - The 20th Ranked Pass Defense

What a difference one year makes. Last season the Denver Broncos last year were ranked at the end of the season as the number three pass defense statistically averaging 186.3 yards per game against. This season through ten games the Broncos average 232 yards per game and ranked twentieth. It can be debated of what that reason is. There are a few arguments that could be brought up:

  1. The departure of Mike Nolan
  2. A year older on our veteran defense
  3. Too many injuries to the secondary

Or maybe you have your own reason, Either way, this is not the same secondary that we had last year. The Broncos this season only have six interceptions. This putting them on pace for 9.6 interceptions on the year. All this can change because stats can only be used to a certain extent but you get where I am going with this. Last season, the Broncos finished with 17 interceptions.


A lot of it can be contributed to the departure of Elvis Dumerviland Ayers strangely enough,  Ayers looked like he was coming into being a pretty good player until he broke his foot in the Baltimore game. Elvis  Dumervil is irreplaceable. No ifs ands or buts. We miss his pressure that would force turnovers and interceptions. The Broncos this season only have 14 sacks, tied for 2nd last in the league. Any quarterback *cough* Troy Smith *cough* will look good if he has all day to pass the ball.

The 2009 secondary is a little bit different from the 2010 version:

  1. Jack Williams                                      Syd'Quan Thomspon
  2. Alphonso Smith                                    Nate Jones
  3. Darcel McBath                                     Darcel McBath
  4. Ty Law                                                 Perrish Cox
  5. Renaldo Hill                                          Renaldo Hill
  6. Andre Goodman                                    Andre Goodman
  7. Vernon Fox
  8. Brian Dawkins                                       Brian Dawkins
  9. Tony Carter
  10. David Bruton                                          David Bruton
  11. Josh Barret
  12.  Champ Bailey                                       Champ Bailey

So take it as you will, it is a pretty old secondary that just got a year older. I think though the pieces are there for the future and are learning behind the veterans which is the right way to build a successful team.