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Josh McDaniels' Short Leash

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Mike Greenburg and Mike Golic think he's gone. Mark Kiszla thinks he's gone. Most of the MHR members think he's gone, according to my latest viewing of the comments' section.

I think he's gone, too. My heart is telling me he won't be fired but my brain is telling me that his head is on the chopping block. The axe is falling...

Obviously, the "he" that I'm referring to is Josh McDaniels. At this rate, he will probably not be the Denver Broncos head coach by the time the Broncos are on the clock during draft day. Why? It's because of the fans.

"It's not my decision, not something that's in my control," McDaniels said. "I'm just going to worry about what I can focus on and try to control the things that I can control."

Josh McDaniels is right about that. There's nothing he can do about it. Actually, if you think about it, Pat Bowlen can't do anything about it, either. The more he ignores the boos and the fans walking out of the stadium (aka "silent boos"), the more distress abounds in Broncos Country.

It's all about the fans. If the fans want him gone, he'll be gone.

On Sunday, while the Broncos were losing 33-13, I said the following to John and the rest of the MHR Staff:

If the Broncos can't score and put some life back into the stadium, Bowlen may be forced to make a move by the empty silence of the stadium seating. 0 fans in the stands = McD is gone. I am a McD supporter, but this is really really bad. I'd love to sit here and say that we'll give him another year... but with multiple blowout games like this one, I don't see it.

It's sad to say, really. I've preached for weeks about how this is gonna take time, to the point where I've been called an apologist. Maybe it is blind faith. Maybe it's patience. I prefer to call it patience, but I'm sure not many will agree with that assessment, right now.

I'm still of the belief that Josh McDaniels has a long term plan for the Broncos that has significant upside. By the same token, I don't think that the fans are going to allow Pat Bowlen to keep Josh McDaniels long enough for us to see that plan take hold.

The fans will get what they want, for better or worse. It doesn't matter what I think "should" happen if the masses of Broncos fans disagree. If the majority is upset and nobody shows up to the game, Bowlen will fire Josh McDaniels. He doesn't have an option. Bowlen cannot allow his team to play in front of an empty stadium.

So, if you want Josh McDaniels fired, boo, leave the stadium early, do whatever you feel will show Pat Bowlen your displeasure and you will likely see your wish come true.