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REPORT: Pat Bowlen Says Josh McDaniels Will Return In 2011

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Perhaps recognizing that something needed to be said - and that it needed to come straight from the Owner himself, Pat Bowlen has reportedly stated that Josh McDaniels will return to coach the Broncos in 2011. This according to a phone interview done with Thomas George of FanHouse.

When asked directly about McDaniels, Bowlen apparently made it clear that McDaniels would return:

"Yes he will," Bowlen said. "I am not interested in making a coaching change."

"I'm very happy with Josh. Josh is doing a good job. I wish he had a few more wins, but we've got five games to go. I've got 27 years in this business. The ball bounces funny and it doesn't always bounce your way. We've had bad breaks, injuries. I've been around football long enough to know this happens and it's a part of the game. We've still got a chance to make the playoffs. People have been in a position like ours and it's been done before.''

Where Bowlen wasn't as supportive was with regard to some assistants on McDaniels' staff:

"I think what I can do is bring my advice and he can take it or leave it,'' Bowlen said. "I think the coaching staff around him is very important. The head coach is the most important. But the staff is also important. Josh has surrounded himself with good coaches but it may get to a point where some of them have to go. I don't know that yet. Josh is around the football team. He knows."

The interview is wide-ranging and a great read overall. Bowlen is pretty direct in regards to his health as well:

Bowlen described recent reports that he is in poor health and no longer first-hand running the Broncos as "pure B.S."

"I have no idea where that came from,'' Bowlen, 66, said. "I don't run the triathlons anymore like I used to. I do leg work on machines and do the bike. I'm not as strong as I used to be, but I'm still good.''

Of course, NFL Owners are allowed to change their mind, but Bowlen has always proven to be a patient man and with pending labor unrest on the horizon the team might just be better off sticking with McDaniels, though if I were an assistant I would make sure my resume is up to date.