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REPORT: Pat Bowlen Backs Off Initial Comments, McDaniels Not Guaranteed 2011

From Gary Miller via Twitter:

Bowlen amending earlier statement. He now says, with 5 games left, he'll monitor teams progress and decide what's best at end of season.

So Josh isn't home free for 2011 after all. Pat Bowlen wants to see progress in final 5 games. Pretty clear Josh is coaching for his job.

This is a very interesting development. I went with talking to the guys about who we'd replace as coordinators/position coaches and front office talk to now this.

Pat Bowlen's vote of confidence in McDaniels took a 180 degree turn when he stated initially that McDaniels would be the coach of the Denver Broncos in 2011, showing his understanding for the rebuilding process.

Two hours later, he has backed off of his comments, and apparently now says he will evaluate at the end of the season.

Just when you thought you had some closure...

This in no way means McDaniels is a lock to be fired, but he's less of a lock to be the head coach than he was two hours ago.