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The Best 'Hot Dog' Moment In Broncos History

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It's the BYE week, so let's have some fun. Everybody has been all stressed out about the Broncos struggles this season so now is good time to think about the fun times. If one player exudes fun - and positive memories - it's Shannon Sharpe. While Sharpe continues to wait for his call to Canton, one thing's for sure. If there was a wing in the Hall for trash talk, Shannon would be at the head of the class.

While there were many Shannon moments when it came to running his mouth - who can forget Sharpe getting Chiefs' Hall of Famer Derrick Thomas to get back-to-back personal foul penalties during a Monday night blowout - my favorite came in New England. Yea, that's right, time to call in the National Guard.

So while we all take a mental break from what is becoming a long season, take a moment to smile as we remember Sharpe - and his famous mouth.

Feel free to give some of your Hot Dog moments in team history as well!

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