Peyton Hillis Today with the Happy Browns

Peyton Hillis is fast becoming a special runner in Cleveland where he is appreciated.

I don't want to beat an old story to it's death but I was an ardent supporter of McDaniels but he made his biggest personnel mistake IMO of letting Hillis get away. Hillis had 185 yards and two touchdowns today. True, anybody can have a good game but he is fast becoming a favorite stud of the Browns fans. He is giving the Browns a running game that they didn't have before. We have Moreno whom all you guys love.

In past post's I have been told that Hillis didn't fit "our system" To that I say . What system? We are 2-6 and maybe we should change the "system." We have a first round superstar in our "system" and I would trade him for Hillis any day of the week.

In spite of our line problems, if Moreno was any good he would of had at least a couple good runs by accident in spite of the line. No one is going to convince me that our line is so bad that we can't open a fews holes during a game. Moreno, IMO is a mediocre back when he's not injured.

The point in my rant is I am turned off on McDaniels for bragging about the great preseason Hillis was having and how he was going to use him in so many ways then all of a sudden he was in some sort of doghouse and gone.

Sorry guys. I don't have near the expertise you guys have but I am an ardent and crazy Broncos and to see the results of Hillis performance makes me sick. You experts are going to put me down for my Moreno comments but that's the way I feel. With Hillis we would have had a running game in spite of the b.s. "system" Good coaches fit the system to the productive players but Hillis wasn't given a chance to perform. He was put in for a few plays and taken out. Moreno goes in a game and gets every chance in the world to prove he can play an entire game with out getting injured. Hillis did not run for 184 yards and two touchdowns by accident. He is a blue collar beast and is now getting a chance to prove it. He also is not running behind the best offensive line in the busines either. And.......He was a great locker room guy. Incidentally, I would appreciate not hearing that Moreno can catch the ball. We have a lot of guys to do that. We don't need another receiver. We need a running back.

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