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Broncos Begin 2nd Half Looking For One Good Quarter

Someone asked me a pretty simple question the other day.  At least I thought it was an easy question. 

"What are you hoping for from the Broncos in the 2nd half of the season?"

I was about to blurt out an answer.  I had the status-quo response on the tip of my tongue.

"I'm looking for the Broncos to compete and win football games." 

Easy, right?

Then I paused.  The question deserved a better answer than that.  I asked myself the question.  "What AM I LOOKING FOR from the Broncos?"  Right now, to me, winning games is too general.  Playing tough, smart, physical football not specific enough either.  Those are all textbook answers.  So what then.  What am I looking for?

As I thought about it, I realized it is time for the Broncos to give it a little K.I.S.S.  You know, Keep It Simple Stupid.  What do I want from the Broncos in the second half?  One Good Quarter.

I thought back in my mind the first eight games and looked at how many quarters the Broncos played mistake-free football.  Were there any?  Perhaps the 2nd quarter against Seattle.  How about the 4th quarter against Tennessee.  All the missed opportunities against the Jets made it hard to pick a quarter in that game, even though the Broncos were in position to win it.  Think about it.  The Broncos, more often than not, cannot string together 15 minutes of solid football.

It's awfully hard to expect a team to play 60 minutes of solid football without getting to 15 minutes first.  That's what I want from the Broncos.  15 minutes of solid, hard-nosed, tough-ass football.  Then we'll go from there.

It starts this Sunday, at home, against the Kansas City Chiefs.  KC is coming off a tough, physical loss to the Raiders.  They are likely going to be questioned for the first time this season and are going to be favored in a game in Denver for the first time in who knows.  Let's face it - the real pressure is on KC.

That means the Broncos should come out and play football.  Have fun.  Get back to the reasons they started playing football as a 5 year old.  Just go play!  It's amazing how things can change if you enjoy what you are doing.

I want to see the Broncos play 15 minutes without a turnover.  15 minutes without a penalty that takes away a first down of gives the opponent a first down. 15 minutes where the defense stops the opponent on 3rd down and 15 minutes where the Broncos offense converts 3rd down.  15 minutes that sees every run go for positive yardage.  15 minutes without a sack of Kyle Orton. 15 minutes of COMPLIMENTARY football.

Success is contagious.  Even small successes like the ones above can start the ball rolling the right direction.  Right now, as fans, that's all we can hope for.

I don't know what the next 8 games hold.  I don't care, right now, about the off-season.  I care about the first 15 minutes on Sunday against Kansas City.  Let's start there and see what happens.