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Statement From The Denver Broncos on CB Perrish Cox


The Denver Broncos on Sunday released the following statement regarding cornerback Perrish Cox, who will not start but will be active for today’s game against the Arizona Cardinals:        

         "National Football League procedure indicates that the matter involving Perrish Cox is subject to review and potential discipline through only its Personal Conduct Policy as well as the legal system. The Denver Broncos are respectful of those regulations and will be fully compliant and cooperative throughout that process.

         "While the Broncos have limited authority with regard to potential discipline stemming from this specific matter under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the club has fined Perrish the maximum amount for missing meetings and practice on Friday.

     "The Denver Broncos consider this a very serious matter and will continue to closely monitor the situation."


*** Courtesy of the Denver Broncos Media Relations Department ***