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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 12/13/10


Fans demand Tebow during Arizona's 43-13 rout of Broncos - The Denver Post
It got so bad for the Broncos that the people screaming back home could be heard all the way from here.

Kiszla: Worst Broncos team in decades - The Denver Post
Hey, take those hands away from your frightened eyes. What we're watching is the worst Broncos team in 40 years.

Paige: All we are saying is give Tebow a chance - The Denver Post
As the rest of the beaten, battered and busted Broncos, with bowed heads and slumped bodies, walked slowly through the bowels of the stadium, one player sprinted down the hall and turned the corner into the locker room.

Josh McDaniels' playbook remains with Broncos, but turnovers cost them a loss to Arizona - The Denver Post
The voice in quarterback Kyle Orton's ear may have been different Sunday, but in a dismal season on all fronts, the problems remained the same.

Broncos' decisions for coach, GM unlikely to come soon - The Denver Post
If the Broncos could send Christmas cards to their fans who are eager to learn of their new general manager and head coach, the message would say something like: Relax. Enjoy the holidays.

Rules, necessity forced team to let Cox on field - The Denver Post
Had it been solely their decision, the Broncos likely would have prevented cornerback Perrish Cox from playing Sunday against Arizona.

Broncos duped by fake field goal - The Denver Post
Cassius Vaughn and David Bruton looked like bulls, waiting to charge.

Cardinals 43, Broncos 13: Bests, worsts and the ex factor - The Denver Post
With two other bad teams, Buffalo and Detroit, winning Sunday, the Broncos should have a prime spot in the 2011 draft, all the better to start the rebuilding process.

Pass or fail: Cardinals 43, Broncos 13 - The Denver Post
Against what was statistically one of the worst defenses in the league coming in, the Broncos lost three fumbles and Kyle Orton threw three interceptions.

Chargers one game back after beating AFC West-leading Chiefs - The Denver Post
The San Diego Chargers now have a little better outlook on reaching the playoffs. news: Playoff Picture 2010
Three games left and only one team (New England) has clinched a playoff spot, and six divisions have at least one team within a game of the leader. It's setting up to be a pretty wild three-week stretch to determine 11 unfilled postseason berths.

NFL Game Center: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets - 2010 Week 14
Mark Sanchez slowly picked himself off the turf while the Miami Dolphins celebrated around him. news: Dolphins upset over tripping incident; Jets employee apologizes
Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll was tripped by the New York Jets' strength and conditioning coach on the sideline while covering a punt in the third quarter of Miami's 10-6 victory Sunday. news: Start of the end? Iron-man QB Favre saying he likely can't play
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has told teammates and associates that he doesn't believe he can play Monday night, and his NFL-record starts streak will end at 297 games, sources with knowledge of the situation said.

NFL Game Center: New England Patriots at Chicago Bears - 2010 Week 14
Bad weather didn't bother Tom Brady. The big, bad Bears didn't, either.

NFL Game Center: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys - 2010 Week 14
Michael Vick faked a handoff and threw deep to DeSean Jackson, a perfect strike for 60 yards.

NFL Game Center: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Redskins - 2010 Week 14
If ever an extra point was going to go awry, this was the time. news: McCoy added to long list of Bucs starters lost for season
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are losing starters at the rate of two per game.

NFL Game Center: Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers - 2010 Week 14
Quarterback Matt Cassel didn't travel to San Diego after having an emergency appendectomy on Wednesday.

NFL Game Center: Oakland Raiders at Jacksonville Jaguars - 2010 Week 14
As the Jacksonville Jaguars trudged into the locker room down 10 points at halftime, Maurice Jones-Drew called an impromptu meeting.

New England Patriots taking on familiar look of a champion - ESPN Boston
Most of the players are different and many of the coaches are too, but there is a familiar feeling around the 2010 New England Patriots.

Miami Dolphins call New York Jets 'cheaters' after trip - ESPN New York
During the New York Jets' 10-6 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon, the Jets' strength and conditioning coach intentionally tripped Miami cornerback Nolan Carroll as he ran out of bounds on punt coverage.

Confusion reigns in muddled NFC West - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Week after week, like fools, we come seeking clarity.

The indomitable Patriots are title favorites -- and it's not even close - Don Banks -
After this one, you could almost hear the collective uh-oh starting to echo around the rest of the NFL. These Patriots are serious. They're on a mission. And we all know what that means, because it hasn't been all that long since we've seen it before.

Packers' playoff hopes take a hit, the thrill-a-minute Jags, more Snaps - Don Banks -
I guess we all got a vivid lesson on how valuable Aaron Rodgers is to the Packers. True, Rodgers didn't make much happen when he was in the game Sunday in Detroit. But sidelined with his second concussion of the season from the second quarter on, the Packers offense was mostly anemic in the hands of backup quarterback Matt Flynn, who was at the wheel for the rest of Green Bay's damaging 7-3 loss.

Bad weather plagues NFL's Week 14 in Minneapolis, Chicago, Jacksonville - NFL -
Weather played havoc with the NFL's Week 14 schedule, with the Giants' game at Minnesota postponed from Sunday to Monday night and moved to Detroit. New England's game at Chicago's Soldier Field was threatened by whiteout conditions and the field constantly needed shoveling.

Absolutely 'no place' for Jets' sideline antic - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
There are few dirtier, cheaper shots you will ever see in an NFL game. And this particular disgrace was caught on television, much to the dismay of the quickly unraveling New York Jets.

Belichick's cold demeanor keeps Patriots hot - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Outside the wind whistled off the icy lake, blowing snow through Solider Field until the grass, lines and end zones were all a blur of white. It was a terrible day for football. And in a warm room beneath the stands, Patriots coach Bill Belichick stood at a lectern and mumbled praise so exuberant for him it was startling to hear.