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The Expectations For Tim Tebow

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With Kyle Orton being injured and questionable to start this Sunday, Denver Bronco fans, Florida Gator fans, and a lot of football fans will finally get their wish. The Mile High Messiah or what ever else you want to call him; Tim Tebow, a NCAA legend, will get the opportunity to start his first National Football League game.

Whether you love him or hate him, Tim Tebow is undoubtedly one of the greatest college quarterbacks of all time. With accolades like winning the Heisman Trophy, being nominated for the award two other times, along with two BCS championships, the expectations for Tebow are through the roof. Despite criticism of his throwing motion and his ability to run a pro set offense, people are still going to be expecting Tebow to come out and play like a legend. It happens to every college legend.

Everyone has a different idea of what success will be for Tim Tebow's first start. Some might expect nothing but a win is acceptable. Some might just want a good statistical day.

It has been an interesting season for rookie quarterbacks. Plenty have started unexpectedly. Some rookies to start this season include: Sam Bradford, Max Hall, Jimmie Clausen, Colt McCoy, Rusty Smith John Skelton, etc.

Most have actually fared not too bad.

What I want to know is what your expectations are for Tim Tebow's first career start. If indeed it is this Sunday in the black hole that is indeed Oakland what do you want to see from number fifteen. In the comments let me know what you want to see


I will be looking for his footwork. When Tebow threw his picks in the preseason, it was usually because he was throwing off balance off the wrong foot. I will be looking for how fast he makes decisions. How he watches his options before tucking the ball.

Winning or losing won't mean much to me in a rookie quarterbacks debut. Sure it would be nice to see Tebow get revenge on our crushing earlier in the season, but this is about how Tebow plays. I would love to see a day like this: I want to see Tim throw the ball at least 25 times. Get him involved. I would also like to see him run the ball 3-5 times. He knows how to extend a play. And when he runs I want to know if he has learnt to hook slide because we can't have anymore happenings like against Arizona. I love his toughness, but we need durability.

What are your expectations for the Mile High Messiah?