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Tim Tebow's First Take As a Denver Bronco

The Broncos season has been soggy, kind of like today's game in Oakland. They lost...and are in line for the second or third overall draft pick. But one singular thing stood out through all the muck. Tim Tebow. This is my take.

Tebow's "presence" inspired a better team effort in the 1st half of the game today. He is a leader and it showed in this game. But the play calling and relentless pressure by the Raider D-Line wore down the Broncos. And that TD pass that Lloyd caught, as well as at least 5 others were floating ducks. That pass has as much arc on it as a punt. I saw alot of that at Training Camp this summer. Still, I saw improvement out of the kid since Training Camp and the pre season. He's a baller. That much is certain.

So his leadership quality doesn't bother me. His will to win doesn't bother me. His commitment to improve as an athlete, leader, football player and teammate doesn't bother me. It even doesn't bother me that he can bowl over a Linebacker, I just hope he saves that kind of play for a difference making play and not a regular part of his game. No, the thing that bothers me is Tebow just can't hold it together like that for a whole season. Playing quarterback like Troy Polamalu plays the safety position is a sure prescription to a very short career. It's not what I would prefer in a 1st round draft pick Franchise type QB.

Don't get me wrong, the kid has a Very strong promising future and I liked a lot of what he brought today. I am rooting for him 100% because he is our QB, but if there is one thing I've learned from being associated with John and MHR, is not to get too high or low. Personally I just try not to get too low. We have the second worst record in the league and that stinks. We all know that this team needs youth and speed, especially on defense.

The players didn't give up on each other today. That was a big plus. That showed me something that wasn't there in the last game or even the last match with Oakland. We got beat because the Raiders have better and faster players.

The boys made me proud for the first half and dag nabit, they disappointed me once more. But, I think we as fans can finally say that our beloved Broncos have moved past Rock Bottom. We may not win either of the last two remaining games, but the downward spiral has stopped. Thanks to Tim Tebow, that means there is only one way to go from here. UP.

Go Broncos!