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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 12/2/10


Signs of trouble for Kenny McKinley: debts and a gun - The Denver Post
Broncos wide receiver Kenny McKinley had significant gambling debts and had warned at least three friends he was thinking of killing himself before he committed suicide in September, an investigative report says.

McDaniels zeros in on Chiefs game - The Denver Post
The Broncos hit the road this weekend for the first time since the NFL fined the franchise and coach Josh McDaniels, and they will have plenty of baggage.

Woody's Mailbag: McDaniels losing his supporters - The Denver Post
Hi, Woody! I enjoyed reading your column on Sunday ("Faith no more for all involved") about Spygate II. I am just old enough to remember the Watergate scandal, and your comparisons were right on the nose. I also love your mailbag (congrats on 100, BTW), and in last week's edition, you wrote: "the total truth is Josh McDaniels has another season in Denver, and there's nothing you, I or anybody else can say that will get Josh fired." How quickly things change! Here's my question: Is there anything Josh McDaniels can do to save his job at the end of this season? I have supported him since he has been here, but after the videotaping story broke, I think it's time to start fresh. Winning and losing is one thing; cheating is on a whole different level. As long as he is here, that stigma will hang over our team.

Orton believes setup is crucial with third downs - The Denver Post
The Broncos' biggest offensive issue the past two weeks has been the inability to convert on third down, but quarterback Kyle Orton said the key issue might be what the offense is doing with its first two downs.

Analysis: Football math not adding up for Broncos - The Denver Post
The Broncos are already facing a lot of issues that could affect their play on the field Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

New tools in fight against concussions - The Denver Post
Football helmet manufacturing marries competition with care. The goal is to sell a product but with a heightened sense of doing everything possible to protect the athlete's brain.

Chargers lawyer has response for Anschutz rumors - The Denver Post
Although the Chargers have denied that they've agreed to sell a minority stake to Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz, there are still more questions than answers about the team's possible relocation to Los Angeles.

Chiefs' Cassel is AFC offensive player of month -
Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel has been named the AFC offensive player of the month for November.

Chiefs offense passes the grade after improvements -
Nobody really saw this coming. They played a series of defensive battles to open their season — in the rain against San Diego and on the road in Cleveland and Indianapolis — and it looked like scoring points would be a struggle for the Chiefs this season.

McCluster not on injury report | Red Zone
The Chiefs don't have Dexter McCluster listed on the injury report they issued today. That means either McCluster will play Sunday against the Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium or that he will be a healthy scratch. news: Steelers' Harrison believes league is making an example of him
Steelers linebacker James Harrison promised he will not change his aggressive style of play, even if the NFL and his own coach agree he must. He believes he is being unfairly targeted for hard hits that have drawn $125,000 in fines for four infractions since mid-October. news: Favre taken aback by questions about life after football
Brett Favre has faced demanding questions from the media for 20 years, never more so than this season while he has been embroiled in a messy NFL investigation and struggled mightily on the field for the Minnesota Vikings. news: Raiders must start Campbell again after Gradkowski injured
One week after being replaced as the Oakland Raiders' starting quarterback, Jason Campbell is back in the lineup. Once again, the question is for how long. news: Once untouchable, Eagles have now reached a crossroads
Saying that Thursday night's home game against the disappointing, but feisty, Houston Texans is a must-win for Philadelphia is overstating things pretty seriously. news: Chargers once again victimize Indianapolis' Manning
The San Diego Chargers have always given Peyton Manning trouble. On Sunday night, they brought it to a whole new level -- intercepting four Manning passes en route to a 36-14 drubbing of the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium.

NFL Power Rankings for Week 13 has Chargers climbing into top 10 - Don Banks -
We're getting our first snowfall of the season here in Wisconsin as I work my way through this week's NFL power rankings, and that must mean it's time for those big, divisional showdowns that we love to hype once December rolls around.

Steelers' Hines Ward goes off on NFL hypocrisy - NFL -
Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward lashed out Wednesday at the NFL for what he calls its hypocritical stance on player safety, arguing the league recently toughened its stance only because it wants to expand to an 18-game season.

Jags' WR Mike Sims-Walker misses workout, expects to play - NFL -
Jaguars receiver Mike Sims-Walker expects to play at Tennessee despite missing practice because of a high ankle sprain.

Saints' Sharper, Bengals' Ochocinco tweeting trash before game - NFL -
Chad Ochocinco sparked a lighthearted trash-talking exchange on the social networking site Twitter when he posted Wednesday that he was thinking about starting a fight with Saints safety Darren Sharper before New Orleans' game at Cincinnati.

Arizona Cardinals' Derek Anderson should be allowed to be human - Jeff Pearlman -
There is a way a professional athlete is supposed to behave, and a way one isn't supposed to behave. There's a proper method for responding to criticism, and an improper method for responding to criticism. There's good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, decent vs. wicked.

Minnesota Vikings have gone downhill since owner Max Winter - Steve Rushin -
For the first and more successful half of their history, the Minnesota Vikings were owned, in part, by the perfectly named Max Winter. It's as if the Baltimore Orioles were owned by Major Humidity or the Pittsburgh Pirates were owned by General Indifference. Winter remained on the Vikings' board of directors until he was 86, which was appropriate, for the team's greatest asset, during its greatest era, was Old Man Winter. And we're not talking about Max now.

Big stage reserved for Ryan's bravado, bluster - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
These are the weeks Rex Ryan lives for and it’s not just because a Monday battle in New England garners the New York Jets coach a bigger audience for his weekly news conference/stand-up routine.