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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 12-20-10


Rookie QB Tebow shows promise as Broncos fall 39-23 at Oakland - The Denver Post
There was greatness here. There was ultraconservative play-calling too, along with the typically horrific Denver defense. But on exhibit through the rain and chill Sunday afternoon was a greatness of will, great athleticism and far greater hope that the Broncos will have better days ahead.

Tebow stands tall, excites fans in Raiders' Black Hole - The Denver Post
Tim Tebow knew exactly what was awaiting him Sunday afternoon as he ran out of the tunnel at Oakland Coliseum, the first time he would take the field as an NFL starting quarterback.

Paige: For now, Tebow is a one-man Band-Aid - The Denver Post
Tim Tebow started Sunday for the first time in his NFL career and proved he will be the Broncos' starter for a long time in this man's league.

Krieger: Revelation, or ho-hum proof Tim's human? - The Denver Post
You won't hear me say this often, but in this case it's true: Josh McDaniels was right.

Analysis: Broncos put Tebow in "bubble-wrap" gameplan - The Denver Post
In the end, there was good and some not-so-good, but after the first day of the rest of Tim Tebow's NFL life, it's clear he is a work in progress as a quarterback and he is behind center for a team that may be a bigger work in progress overall.

Will Broncos make defense No. 1 priority in draft? - The Denver Post
As the NFL standings read now, the Broncos are a winning coin flip away from having the No. 2 pick in the upcoming draft.

Tebow support very vocal - The Denver Post
Broncos fans watching the debut of rookie quarterback Tim Tebow as an NFL starter Sunday expressed great support for the former Florida star being on the field.

Even if healthy, Orton unlikely to start final games - The Denver Post
To be clear, Tim Tebow played in the game Sunday because the Broncos' usual starting quarterback, Kyle Orton, was out with battered ribs.

Some Broncos fans brave the Oakland crowd | All Things Broncos
I spent the first quarter of Sunday’s game looking for Broncos and Tebow fans in the stands at Oakland Coliseum, those brave souls who don their Broncos gear into one of the hostile stadiums in the league.

Tebow’s TD run nearly didn’t happen | All Things Broncos
Broncos rookie quarterback ran the wrong play on a 3rd-and-24, and the result, instead of disaster, was the most electric touchdown run of the season. Here, let’s let Tebow describe how it happened.

Dusty Saunders: Tebow Time will produce big TV ratings - The Denver Post
Local audience ratings, at least at the start of the telecast, will be the best KCNC-Channel 4 has had in recent weeks broadcasting Broncos games.

NFL Game Center: Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders - 2010 Week 15
After watching his team commit three turnovers, allow two big play touchdowns to Tim Tebow and commit a penalty that wiped out a score in the first half, coach Tom Cable didn't hold back at halftime.

DeSean Jackson punt return; NFL playoff picture clears up - Peter King -
We yell a lot in the fifth-floor Rockefeller Center viewing room of NBC's Football Night in America. Up to nine games in high-def on a big wall, and the 12 to 15 people in the room putting together the Sunday night show get a little excited from time to time. Oh, Rodney Harrison yells, often at big hits. Tony Dungy even yells a time or two per Sunday. I yell more than I ever did in a press box, where yelling is verboten. But I don't recall the sound coming out of the viewing room ever sounding like it did at 4:18 p.m. Sunday. It was something like:

What we learned from the Eagles' 38-31 win over the Giants - Andrew Perloff -
Five things we learned from the Eagles' improbable 38-31 win over the Giants:

Lukewarm starting debut for Tebow - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
One game, and the hearts in Tim Tebow(notes) Nation went from a steady pitter-patter … straight to the full bore pounding of a Led Zeppelin drum solo. Yes, his first NFL start was encouraging, but the tidal wave of Twitter posts about Tebow "doing his thing," well, they’re a little premature.

Emotional Ryan fires up Jets - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The wheels were coming off the New York Jets. Consecutive ugly losses, a two-game streak without a touchdown, an embarrassing controversy involving the strength coach tripping an opponent. If it wasn’t one thing, it was everything else.

Ravens serve notice to fellow contenders - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
For all they had accomplished in 2010, the Baltimore Ravens went into Sunday’s showdown with the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints as a team widely defined by its shortcomings.