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Denver Broncos: One More Win...

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I told you so. No really, I'm kidding. The cold hard reality is that we have seen one great game - hopefully the first of many, but there is still much more to see. I am currently sold on going all in with Tim Tebow for 2011. Kyle Orton? Not interested. Andrew Luck or Jake Locker? No thanks. I've seen enough in two starts to want to see more next season.

I am convinced he is no Ryan Leaf or JaMarcus Russell, but the jury is still out on whether he will be the next Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Right now, I'd say he is right around the middle of the pack, sort of like the guy who he replaced. It is my sincere hope we are only seeing the surface of his potential being scratch and much more is yet to come. 

For now, we fans have one more game to watch. What a treat it would be to watch the Broncos come out and man handle the San Diego Chargers. Forget the draft position, this is about PRIDE. The entire team has seemed to rally around each other, in spite of the pointlessness of the rest of their season. And I love it.  LOVE IT. One more win.

A strong finish would go a long way in changing my view of this team and just how devoid of talent it may or may not be. Currently, my mind is still on beyond this lost season, actually about ten days from now is where my mind is - waiting for the rest of my body to catch up. This is when a new dawn will begin in Denver. A newly organized power structure, a new head coach and staff and, ultimately, a much needed fresh start. 

Now that we know 2011 will likely need to be Tim Tebow's year, for three games is hardly a full audition, we can focus our attention on the future staff and beginning identifying the draft/free agent needs. I've toyed with many different ideas regarding who should run this team come January and I am pretty much open to most ideas. The one idea that I have decided really doesn't jive with me is hiring some old recycled head coach who has been out of the game for more than a year. I just have to say, no thanks.

Right now, it is hard to identify any head coach candidate that I feel is a perfect fit. Really, I only have a vague set of criteria that I will be attempting to apply to any potential candidate. The first is, they have to be either a coordinator in the NFL or a head coach in the NCAA. Secondly, they have to come from a mentally tough team. I'm not too fond of hiring guys from weak-minded football teams - that means the Chargers.  The guy I wish would consider applying for the job is Urban Meyer. However, all of these criteria are moot unless the Broncos bring aboard unemployed head coaches to become the offensive and defensive coordinator.

We have all seen what happens when inexperienced positional coaches or coordinators suddenly find themselves out of their depth. I think we should follow the lead of teams like the Kansas City Chiefs or Chicago Bears and remove or at least minimize any damage that could be done from having a poor head coach. Surround the main guy with a great supporting cast and you will have success. I have two guys that are at the top of my list of coordinators and both will likely lose their jobs at the end of the season.

The first is Gary Kubiak. I didn't think he would be available until today. Houston Texan brass is not going to be happy about blowing a lead to the "lowly" Broncos and with the local media beginning to turn on Kubiak like the Denver media had turned on Josh McDaniels, it is only a matter of time. The irony is, I recall a few years ago when the Green Bay Packers finished 6-10 and lost like eight games by a touchdown or less, but were competitive. The next year they won the division. I see the Texans of this year to be similar to the Packers of back then, it's too bad the ownership won't likely see that similarity. Too bad for Texan fans that is!

The second guy is Mike Singletary. He is gone, maybe even by this morning (Whoops, gone by the post game shows on Sunday!). I live in Sacramento, so I get tons of exposure to the San Francisco 49ers. The fans hate his guts and the media is finally turning on him as well. Now the owner pretty much said he would be fired, just didn't elaborate on when that might occur. The 49ers defense was a wreck when Singletary was hired and it is now a pretty tough defense, even though it lacks pure talent. I like Singletary's intensity and determination to win. He is a unique breed of man, one which I would love to see wearing an orange and blue windbreaker. 

I really believe that if the Broncos top echelon of decision makers hires a good - not yet failed as a head coach - head coach and surround him with former head coaches who are returning to the coordinator position to lick their professional wounds, the Broncos will find themselves in a remarkable situation.

Of course, all of this is speculation. If the Broncos do not follow the course I had hoped, then all is not lost. I'll just be more wary heading into the season. There are so many unknowns, having a solid coaching staff would go a long way in allaying my apprehensions. 


Oh one last thing....RESIGN CHAMP FREAKING BAILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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