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Under Review - A Few Comparisons Between Our Quarterbacks

He. Is. Here.

We Hope. Tim Tebowhas had two pretty impressive starts in his career and a lot of us are hoping Tebow is the guy, including me. I have been in love with everything he has done so far so I decided to take a look back in finer detail at some technique fundamentals in comparison to a quarterback we are all very familiar with, Kyle Orton.

I decided to take a look at three things.

The first thing I checked out was were both quarterbacks screen passes. It was interesting. Kyle Orton puts the ball in a better place and gets the ball to the receiver quicker most of the time it appears. This can be a good and a bad thing obviously. But the thing we all know about Tim Tebow is his work ethic and he never takes a play off. He really seems to put a lot of zip even on short screen passes and really puts that extra effort on the little things like not telegraphing the screen and not promoting the screen.

Second I looked at both quarterbacks play-action. Something I notice with Tebow is that he is still adjusting to pass before run because a lot of times when he gets out of his drop he likes to step up again. Tim seems to like to really sell the ball fake and get the ball into the runningbacks numbers and fake it where as I think Orton is already thinking of where he is throwing the ball and doesn't sell the fake as well. Strictly my opinion!

Last but not least I checked out how each quarterback handles pressure. Orton is twice as good as last year and not folding on pressure but he still seems to crumble at times especially late in games. The beautiful thing about Tim Tebow is he knows how to use his legs to extend a play. I don't think I would consider him a running quarterback but as someone who knows how to continue a play and make the most out of it. If he continues to try and become a running quarterback, you are going to see teams pounding on him just like Brian Cushing did last weekend and just like the Minnesota Vikings did the Michael Vick on Tuesday Night Football. LOOK OUT!

So without further ado, here is my newest video. Sorry about the long wait in-between videos. I had been busy with some personal stuff. Hope you like this. Next up I will making a highlight video in honour of Brandon Lloyd and him being our lone Bronco to make the Pro Bowl.