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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 12/4/10


I am a west coaster, so though it still be morning here - Good Afternoon to those of you on the far side of the continent!

Analysis: Questionable personnel decisions could force long rebuilding process - The Denver Post
John Lynch has spent plenty of time inside the Broncos' Dove Valley complex over the years as a player. And in his new life as a network TV analyst, he got a look at the Broncos' 2010 edition this past Sunday.

Tebow, Quinn are both in the picture as backup QB - The Denver Post
Kyle Orton quickly ended the biggest offseason story line surrounding the Broncos — the three-man quarterback competition — by early August, but coach Josh McDaniels said Friday that the two other quarterbacks, Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn, remain "competitive" for the backup job.

Orton, Lloyd figure in Pro Bowl equation - The Denver Post
In another time, in another place, maybe it would feel another way.

5 Reasons the Denver Broncos could beat the Kansas City Chiefs -
Controlling your own destiny is a sweet, simple concept in sports. Do not lose and you are in the playoffs. Lose and, well, someone else could steal your seat.

Q&A: Responsibility for Broncos' performance is on McDaniels - The Denver Post
Q: I love the Broncos, and I like (Josh) McDaniels' optimism and charisma. However, it looks like he might be fired. Is it fair to totally blame McDaniels for the Broncos' disastrous season and punish him by firing him? Or is it a team-wide problem that the Broncos are facing?

Where did McDaniels' 6-0 Broncos go? - The Denver Post
Where have you gone, 6-0?

Young talent gets its chance in Broncos secondary - The Denver Post
All it took was a knee injury here and a quadriceps injury there, and suddenly the Broncos' secondary has gone from the most experienced position group on the roster to perhaps the most youthful.

Lack of Sacks Puts Pressure on Defense -
This is hardly the way that defensive coordinator Don "Wink" Martindale expected to cobble together his defense in his first season as the Broncos’ defensive coordinator — being forced to assemble a pass defense for an opponent suddenly throwing with authority without three of his most trusted parts.

McBath 'Questionable at Best' After Not Practicing -
ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – Darcel McBath returned to practice on a limited basis Thursday, but might not be ready for a game-day jersey just yet.

Tebow and Quinn: In Battle for No. 2, 'They're Close' -
ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – Tim Tebow continues to be the No. 2 quarterback on game days, but that is as much due to the team’s use of specialized packages for him in short-yardage situations as where he and Brady Quinn actually stand on the Broncos’ depth chart.