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Josh McDaniels Relieved of Head Coaching Duties

Just two years after being hired as the head coach of the Denver Broncos, the Josh McDaniels era has just come to an end. The Denver Broncos twitter account has just tweeted the following:

Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen has relieved Josh McDaniels of his head coaching duties. Details to follow on #fbless than a minute ago via web

Josh McDaniels has been the talk of the town ever since jumping on board in January of 2009. Certainly the city of Denver has been shaken to the bone ever since Mike Shanahan was fired after the abysmal 2008 season, but with McDaniels' risky personnel moves, his leash was beginning to get shorter and shorter.

After trading Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Peyton Hillis and Tony Scheffler while using essentially a first round pick to draft Alphonso Smith, Josh McDaniels was putting his neck on the line. This news may come as no surprise to many but the timing of this coaching change leaves a lot of questions.

Who is going to be the interim coach the rest of the season? What is going to be done about Brian Xanders in the personnel department? Will he get help or will he also be on the chopping block? Since McDaniels was a huge advocate of Kyle Orton and Champ Bailey, does their fates as Denver Broncos, as well?

There are many questions and few answers, but the one thing we know for sure is that Josh McDaniels is no longer a head coach for the Denver Broncos. As we find out more, rest assured that Mile High Report will keep you updated.