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Best Laid Plans. What Comes Next, Like Right Now, For The Broncos

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It's done.  And what's done is done.  When your a fan of a team that is 3-9, on the cusp of losing double-digit games for the first time in, well, who the hell knows how long, there can be some tension.  There has been, on this site and all across Broncos Country.  I hope today's news of the firing of Josh McDaniels can heal some of that.  I hope, no matter what the Broncos decide to do in the future we can all support the new coach/staff and whomever else is replaced form Day 1 with as much energy as some have recently called for McDaniels head.  That's not a knock, but I believe in karma and this team had very little going for it recently.  We need all the good feelings we can get.

I try not to dwell on the past, even the kind that is less that 60 minutes old.  Of course the McDaniels news will be talked about for weeks and months to come, but we can't dwell on his moves any more.  We must move on.  We must be more productive.  When Pat Bowlen summoned Josh McDaniels into his office at 4:10PM mt this afternoon to relieve him of his duties that is what he did.

The future begins today.

So why now?  I think question has a relatively easy answer.  In fact, I was writing about the subject when the news broke.  The time to start Tim Tebow has come.  The Broncos were officially eliminated from playoff contention yesterday.  At 3-9, the team is headed for a high draft pick.  Who knows how things bounce the rest of the season - it could be Top-5 or Top-3.  That puts them at least in the conversation for a QB in the Draft, especially with Stanford QB Andrew Luck sitting there.  The Broncos have had some luck with quarterbacks from Stanford in the past.

That means they need to know NOW what Tim Tebow is and what he might be.  Don't get me wrong.  This isn't about wins and losses.  This isn't about a shot in the arm for the team.  This is purely about giving Tim Tebow the treatment that every starting QB gets.  All the reps in practice.  All the film study.  Have him start a game.  See how he does.  See how he adjusts.  Then, after the game, see how he learns from his mistakes.  Go through the entire process against. 

The Broncos have 4 games remaining.  Two road games and two at home.  They are playing some bad teams and they are playing some teams still in playoff contention.  It would be the perfect time to give Tebow a look, and let's be honest - from the Broncos' front office perspective it would be good for business and when the playoffs aren't an option you need something.

Josh McDaniels addressed Tim Tebow and the prospects of playing him just hours before being fired:

"Well, I think (QB) Kyle Orton has had a good year. I think that's the case - I understand the question, but I also think that Tim has tried to do the best he can with the limited opportunities he's had in practice. So, you get your chances and your work your butt off and try to do that. But, I think that we're going to take a view about what's best for the team and consider that. We'll consider all things and if those things we think can help our football team be better down the stretch, then we're going to do them - no matter what position it is, no matter who it is. If we don't think that, then we'll make a different decision."

Pretty indecisive.  And likely not the answer the Broncos' brass was looking for.  Now is the perfect time to start Tebow.  Obviously, McDaniels didn't feel this way.  I trust he had his reasons, like, he didn't think Tebow was ready to play.  In times like these, however, it doesn't matter.  Sometimes you have to throw the baby into water to see if he will sink or swim.

I think We'll see Tebow on Sunday in Arizona and a heavy does of Knowshon Moreno.  After that, let the coaching carousel begin.  More on that later...