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Elway Will Get A Look For Front Office; Broncos Like Gary Kubiak?

Michael Lombardi, a person I respect in the NFL/Media, gave some of his thoughts on the Broncos situation, including some news regarding John Elway and current Texans' Head Coach Gary Kubiak:

Sources close to the Broncos told NFL Network's Michael Lombardi that the team is expected to approach former Broncos Super Bowl hero John Elway for a front-office position and that if Gary Kubiak were available, he would be the team's first choice to coach the team next season.

I know, the dreaded 'sources'. Another question for me is, why would a source close to the Broncos say ANYTHING about Kubiak? He has a job, and I'm sure his current employer wouldn't appreciate tampering, in any form.

Personally, I question Kubiak's ability to build a defense. He hasn't done it in Houston despite several high draft picks. That said, get a strong DC in the building - like Wade Phillips - and we might be on to something.

As for Elway, the Broncos need a shot in the arm, both in terms of P.R. and getting what it means to be a Denver Bronco back in that locker room. If done right, I am 100% behind bringing John Elway on board.