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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 12/7/10


McDaniels fired as Broncos coach after controversy, losses pile up - The Denver Post
In a move that was both sudden and carefully planned, the Broncos management team of Pat Bowlen and Joe Ellis ended the brief but stormy era of Josh McDaniels by firing the head coach Monday afternoon.

Paige: From virtually the get-go, coach merited the get-gone - The Denver Post
Josh McDaniels couldn't survive the myriad trials, tribulations and troubles that far exceeded six of his predecessors.

Kiszla: McD just the scapegoat - The Denver Post
Josh McDaniels got canned from one of the worst coaching jobs in the NFL. Can anybody win in Denver? The blame for the sorry state of the Broncos begins with owner Pat Bowlen, who allowed his proud franchise to fall into disrepair.

Who's next as Broncos head coach? - The Denver Post
Reeling on the field and living with a damaged reputation off it, the Broncos will begin the search for the franchise's 13th head coach, its third in the past three years, after firing Josh McDaniels late Monday afternoon less than 24 months after firing Mike Shanahan

Players weigh impact of firing - The Denver Post
Josh McDaniels was noticeably absent from the Broncos' practice field Monday afternoon as the full squad went through its typical Monday afternoon conditioning run.

Broncos fans applaud Josh McDaniels' firing - The Denver Post
Broncos fans looked to better days ahead with Monday's firing of Josh McDaniels, and none expressed sadness that the coach has been shown the door on the heels of a 3-9 record and a videotaping scandal.

Tebow was supposed to define the now-dead McDaniels era - The Denver Post
When the Broncos moved back into the first round of the draft last April to select quarterback Tim Tebow, the prevalent thought was that Josh McDaniels' legacy in Denver would be tied to the controversial young quarterback.

The major personnel moves of the Josh McDaniels era - The Denver Post
Feb. 16, 2009: McDaniels began purging Mike Shanahan's roster by releasing six players, including four starters from the 2008 defense. news: Broncos fire McDaniels, name assistant Studesville interim coach
The Denver Broncos have fired Josh McDaniels, whose nearly two-year stint as head coach was marred by a recent videotaping scandal, a series of personnel blunders and the franchise's worst skid in four decades.

josh mcdaniels fired - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
Random thoughts on Josh McDaniels’ firing in Denver on Monday:

Josh McDaniels fired as head coach of Denver Broncos - ESPN
The Denver Broncos wanted Josh McDaniels to bring the New England Patriots' winning ways with him to the Rocky Mountains when they hired Bill Belichick's brash, young disciple 22 months ago.

Josh McDaniels forced Denver's hand - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Can you blame the Denver Broncos for firing Josh McDaniels?

Unlikely Pat Bowlen will pony up again - AFC West Blog - ESPN
When it comes to football, Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen never spares expenses. He has always paid top dollar for coaches or players.

Josh McDaniels sealed his own fate with the Broncos - Jim Trotter -
Josh McDaniels is out as coach of the Broncos. Is anyone really surprised?

What happens to Tebow after McDaniels' firing? - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The rookie quarterback could get caught up in the ripple effect of the Broncos’ firing of McDaniels, who was let go Monday after less than two full seasons. The Broncos are likely going to try to get off the hook for the remainder of McDaniels’ contract, using the Spygate II incident as justification that McDaniels could be fired for cause.

There's only one genius in a hoodie - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
On the day his latest fallen protégé got the Denver boot, Patriots coach Bill Belichick put a foot up the nether regions of Rex Ryan and the hated Jets for all the world to see.

Broncos fire McDaniels, Studesville replaces him - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The Denver Broncos wanted McDaniels to bring the New England Patriots’ winning ways with him when they hired Bill Belichick’s brash, young disciple 22 months ago. What they got instead was the ash-gray hoodie and their very own videotaping scandal to go with a pile of losses and personnel blunders that tarnished the organization. news: Timing of McDaniels firing allows Broncos to move forward
Only the timing of Josh McDaniels' firing came as a surprise, that being with four games remaining in the regular season. Yet being eliminated from playoff contention a week after an embarrassing video-taping scandal was disclosed apparently cast too much shame on the organization and its proud owner, Pat Bowlen.