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MHR Ultimate Fan Christmas Guide

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With everything going on in Bronco Country, with all the recent happenings in the team management department, with all the Tim Tebow arguments, we can all agree on something. Its not an easy time to be a fan of the Broncos. But we all have to remember one thing and those are the things that are most important in life. To us, the Broncos are a passion. We read about them. Dream about them and claim that our blood is orange and blue. But really, it is just a past time that we all enjoy and we have to remember one thing. When we go to bed, the next day the sun will still rise. Unless you work for the organization and your career is based on this team, the Broncos should just be a passion of ours and not something we show a side of ourselves that we don't want people to see. No one wants to be pointed out but anyone who reads the comments in the FanPosts knows that there have been some "not-so-nice" things said back and forth in a time where we all want answers.

After that rant you are probably wondering what my point is.

The point is that in December no matter winless or undefeated we have to remember what are the most important things in life. I know it sounds cliche but as I said earlier the Broncos are just something we love but the sun will still rise. December is the start of the holiday season and no one should be upset around the holidays. It is a great feeling to see your family all together and happy when they open that gift that you put extra-special thought into. Or the site of your child opening and screaming in excitement because he finally got that XBox that he has wanted forever because his buddy Johnny has it.

I wanted to lighten the mood around here because it hurts to see a family fighting all the time. By family I mean the Bronco Fan family. We fight because we love our team so much and when things don't go well we look for a way to cope. I wanted to take everyone away from the tough stuff and remind everyone it is the holiday season and help with anyone struggling with the buying of the gifts. Without further ado, here is the MHR Ultimate Fan Guide brought to you by everyone at Mile High Report.

1) NFL Monopoly. There are so many versions of this classic game there was bound to be an NFL version. Ah yes those good ol' times at four in the morning playing Monopoly with the family because it is the longest game in history. A fun game for any football fan. I know if I had this, I would be the first person buying the Broncos and the last person buying the Raiders.

2)MHR Training Camp T-Shirt - Show your Bronco pride and your favorite site for reading about the Broncos by ordering one of these fabulous Mile High Report T-Shirts. Coming in Orange, Blue, or White, you are sure to look stylish along with attracting more visitors to the awesomeness that is Mile High

3) Bronco Foam Head -  Okay. This is kind of dorky. But I really want it and it is surely on my Christmas list this year. Nothing shows your fandom more than doing something to your head. Take me for example. Up here in Canada, a big thing for fans to do for my Saskatchewan Roughriders is to carve out watermelons and wear those on our heads. But these are a lot cooler. Heck, wear it to school or work. You will be the center of attention.

4) Tim Tebow Jersey - What can I say? It is the number one selling jersey in the league. Probably the future quarterback of our Denver Broncos. Get a jump on the future by showing off the new #15!

5) Madden NFL 2011 - Nothing brings out the violent friendly competition like Madden 11. The Broncos may not make the playoffs this year but in Madden anything is possible!

6) Ea Sports Active NFL Training Camp Video Game for Wii - Well it was just Thanksgiving. Now its almost Christmas. After the big feast, you may easily be mistaken for Andy Reid. Well work off that gut by using the new training camp game for Wii. With drills that are actually used by NFL pros's you will be soon dominating your flag football league.

7) Denver Bronco Drinking Glasses - Actions speak louder than words when you show your friends how big of a Bronco fan you are with these hot looking glasses. Or here are the same ones but with a pennant on it.

8)Bronco Bottle Opener - Crack a bottle with this fantastic looking Bronco Bottle opener. This will look good in everyones mancave

9) Denver Broncos Carpet - Spice up your man cave with the orange of blue. From the minute you walk in the room you will be pumped for game time

10) Denver Broncos : The Complete History DVD - Are you a young Bronco fan like I am? Well catch up on the 50 years you have missed by watching this DVD that features the many stories in this teams history.

11) Denver Bronco Full Size Helmet - I have always wanted to be a Bronco for Halloween but have always been missing a key part of the costume. The Helmet. Someday when I can afford it I will purchase this gem.

12)John Elway Fat Head - Finish off your man cave with this Elway Fat Head. You will always remember the good ol' days with Johnny Elway on your wall.

These are some of the ideas I came up with. I am sure you guys have some too and I would love to see them. Post your ideas in the comments. If you have something awesome I will add it to the post.  I will be in touch again before the holidays but if you do not catch my article I want to wish you and your family Happy Holidays. Remember. It is just a game.  What is most important is your family. I know it is cheesy but it is also the truth. I just wanted to lighten the mood around here because I enjoy Christmas as much as anybody.