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Poll of the Week - 2/1/10 - Are You Picking Up What Brandon Marshall is Putting Down?

By now we have all heard the quote. Brandon Marshall, after scoring a 23-yard touchdown for the AFC, was interviewed by Suzy Kolber on the sideline. Kolber, as expected, attempted to get Marshall to say something stupid, or at least add to the soap-opera that is the Denver Broncos locker room - to some in the media, anyway.

To Brandon's credit, he said all the right things - as he has this entire off-season. Specifically, when asked about his unhappiness in Denver, and his benching the final week of the season, Marshall said this -

I think we’re past that. I love the city of Denver. I started there and I’d like to finish there.

UPDATE - Josh McDaniels was on Vic and Gary this morning and, of course, the topic of Brandon Marshall came up. Like Marshall, McDaniels is saying all the right things -

McDaniels on B-Marsh comments - "Exactly the way I feel. We are all past that situation."
McDaniels on chances B-Marsh is a Bronco - "There is uncertainty with CBA so there is no way to commit to what can happen"
McDaniels - "There are a lot of situations that a player and coach go through and they end up together."
McDaniels - "Right now we now Brandon is a Denver Bronco and we are happy that he is a Denver Bronco"

So, this poll is a pretty simple one - one that will, once again, require a simple yes or no answer.

Here are the polls thus far!