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New MHR Contributor - Hello, My Name Is: Ernesto J. Ruiz

Good morning, Mile High Report!  It is my pleasure to address you all today, for the very first time, as a staff writer for our beloved MHR.  As some of you already know, I have been a member of this site for some time now – it was the three-year anniversary of my signing up earlier this month, actually – and it has been a truly wonderful journey that has just now taken this exciting, new turn.  Before I integrate myself into the regular publishing rotation, however, I thought it would be appropriate to formally introduce myself once more.  Please join me below the fold and be sure to comment on this post so that we may get to know each other better! 

My name is Ernesto J. Ruiz and I am currently a 26-year-old undergraduate in the history department at the University of Florida.  I was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in Costa Rica, but I don’t much look or sound the part.  That rather unique upbringing, however, did free me from the typical regional and/or familial ties that often predetermine sports allegiances for most fans, a fact that allowed me to serendipitously end up rooting for disparate, wildly successful teams. 


I was fortunate enough, for instance, to begin following the NFL via the MST feed of CBS just in time to watch plenty of games featuring a peeking Broncos team.  Back then, a young Mastermind joined some veteran gunslinger in a #7 jersey and they eventually led their beleaguered franchise to professional football’s “Promised Land”, the doorstep of which it had previously been turned back from time and time again.  Cheering for the Denver Broncos, through the good times and the bad, has only become easier for me.  By the way, I happily credit this site for helping to make me a more complete fan of my team than I ever even thought possible.


As for my blogging credentials, I come to you as nothing more than an informed and enthusiastic fan with [hopefully] articulately expressed, thoughtful opinions that I am willing to share publically as often as possible.  I hope that you find what I have to add interesting and useful, reflecting those special qualities that caught my eye years ago and have kept me here ever since. 


Remember: we, the staff of Mile High Report, are here at your service.  I will always be beholden to you as my audience and peers, so never hesitate to reach out to me for whatever reason.  And so, without further ado, I’d like to lead us in a long distance toast of sorts before I sign off: here’s to the good old days, my friends, and the better days to come.  Go Broncos!