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New MHR Contributor - Long Time Bronco Fan, More Recent MHR Member: Brian Shrout

Good morning Broncomaniacs (or good afternoon or evening depending on where you live).  It is exciting for me to be able to greet you all as the sun is coming up (in LA anyway) as a first time staff member here at MHR.  During the relatively short time that I've been a member of MHR, reading the posts & comments here has become a regular part of my daily routine.  Like EJ, I thought it might be appropriate to let you know a bit about myself and why I see MHR as such a great site.  After the jump, if you feel inclined, share a bit or your story not only with me, but with all of our members.

I grew up in the midwest, but did not have a hometown football team to root for until my parents moved to Denver in 1969.  Since then, I have been an avid Broncos fan.  Like many here, I have known the pain of losing seasons, guzzled Orange Crush as I watched the Orange Crush defense shut down other teams, and screamed myself hoarse during our first Super Bowl win.  I followed the team from elementary school in Denver, through college in Oklahoma and Texas, converted my wife to Broncos fandom and raised two wonderful daughters to cheer the Orange and Blue.  Talking football at MHR is a good outlet for me after a long day of teaching middle school students who have been diagnosed as emotionally disturbed.

Although I've been a Broncos fan for a very long time (it makes me feel too old to come right out and say how many years ;-p), I've only been a member of MHR for just under a year.  I found the site while trying to find information on what happened with Jay Cutler.  I was delighted to find a place where I could ask my questions and actually receive answers, as opposed to getting flamed for daring to question the hatred that others had for what was going on.  This has been a great place to share, learn and grow as a Broncos fan.  My thanks goes out to each and every member and staff writer here -- including all of those with whom I've disagreed in the last year.  It is my firm belief that every member has something he/she can teach me, and I strive to do the same in return.

I had not done much with blogging prior to coming to this site, but I loved to talk football.  Now I have a great new community with which to discuss all things Broncos.  Most of my co-workers and friends in LA tend to be fans of teams like the 49er's, Green Bay (go figure) and *gag* the Raiders or the Chargers.  The writing by the members here is excellent and has challenged me to work to improve what I produce and present my position with greater clarity. 

As a staff member, I will try to continue the tradition of excellence shown by the staff that has gone before me.  I welcome continued interaction with any and all of our members.  Feel free to drop me an email or ask questions in a thread if there's something I can help you with.  As it says at the top of our homepage: MHR is by fans, for fans.  Ultimately we are not staff and members, we are all simply fans of the Denver Broncos.

Go Broncos.