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Horse Tracks - 2/22/10 - Darrent Williams death and the Brandon Marshall situation


Good Morning Broncos Fans.  There was a story that was published yesterday regarding Brandon Marshall and his continuing guilt over the death of Darrent Williams.  Mike Klis at the Denver Post reported that it was the real underlying reason that Marshall wanted out of Denver - with much of the proof being a drunken tirade after Marshall was pulled over by Denver Police a while back.  Several people asked me if I thought it was the reason.  Personally, I don;t think any of us know how we would react in a situation like that.  The same holds true for Javon Walker, who after watching Williams die in his arms, became a basket case - never really recovering from it.  Sometimes tragic events have a way of bringing people closer together.  Sometimes not.  For the Broncos, have they really been the same organization, on or off the field, since Williams death - and the death of EB Damien Nash a few months later?  We know Marshall is an emotional guy.  I don't think it is a stretch to say that he was deeply impacted by Williams' death.  We know money is a part of it, but I've always said there was something deeper - more than Josh McDaniels or any of that nonsense.  Perhaps Williams death is that something.  If that's the case, it will be hard for Marshall - or the team - to get past it.

VIDEO - Visit from Bailey boosts donations -
Cornerback Champ Bailey congratulates Thornton's Horizon High School for winning the "Front Range Change" campaign.

Time takes toll on Broncos' connections to slain player - The Denver Post
In the three full NFL seasons that have passed since Darrent Williams' death, plenty has changed at the Denver Broncos' Dove Valley headquarters.

Darrent Williams murder trial to reflect clash of cultures - The Denver Post
In one part of the The Shelter nightclub on Denver's Broadway, a group of men described by police as crack-cocaine-dealing gangsters was celebrating the new year at "Safari" night.

Krieger: Gang problem still prevalent - The Denver Post
A little more than three years ago, the murder of Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams produced a sudden surge of interest in the metro area's gang problem.

Broncos won't commit to Orton beyond 2010 -
The Broncos struck down reports that they are one of a few teams interested in trading for Eagles QB Donovan McNabb, but that doesn't mean they are committed to Kyle Orton as their long-term answer at quarterback, we hear.

Should Seahawks be interested in Brandon Marshall?
Given the persistent rumblings that disgruntled Denver Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall might be a fit for the Seattle Seahawks, there's a must-read story today in the Denver Post for anyone interested in understanding more about the controversial star.

Boldin heads list of high-profile players on trading block - Sporting News
ree agency begins on March 5 and the draft — expanded to three days this year — starts on April 22, but there could be plenty of player movement before either of those dates.

Following 'The Code' -
My old Dallas Morning News colleague Todd Archer had a very interesting nugget in a column he penned on star receiver Miles Austin's pending RFA status the other day

Five assistant coaches who will impact their new teams -
It's not just free-agent players who can make a difference in the NFL. Free-agent coaches can, too, and I offer Mike Nolan as evidence. Tell me the Broncos would have been 8-8 without Nolan calling their defenses. They wouldn't, and you get to find out how much they miss him now that he's gone.

Wilson: Moss unconcerned with Patriots' lack of an offensive coordinator | National Football Post
Randy Moss spoke his mind Saturday, holding court about multiple issues, including his belief that this will be his final season playing wide receiver for the New England Patriots.

Wilson: Bengals need to upgrade passing game | National Football Post
The Cincinnati Bengals' passing game is clearly in need of an upgrade.

Report: LeFevour will not throw at combine | National Football Post
Sam Bradford will not be ready to throw at the scouting combine. Jimmy Clausen isn’t prepared to work out for teams. Now, Dan LeFevour has announced he will not throw in Indianapolis.

Wilson: Browns not placing a hard limit on free agent spending | National Football Post
The Cleveland Browns don't plan to follow in the footsteps of AFC North rivals as far as approaching free agency with a self-imposed salary cap.

Wilson: Should teams break the bank for Peppers? | National Football Post
Without a doubt, Carolina Panthers star defensive end Julius Peppers is regarded as the top prize available in a thin free agent market.

NFL Combine: To run or not to run? | National Football Post
Every year at this time, a group of draft prospects makes a decision not to participate in the NFL Combine drills. For most of them, it sends the wrong message to decision-makers.

Colts, Brackett discussing new deal to keep linebacker in Indy
Indianapolis Colts linebacker Gary Brackett has been in talks with the team about a new contract, reports NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora. The pending unrestricted free agent is considered a priority for the organization, and the sides could get something done before Brackett is scheduled to hit the open market on March 5.

Dolphins cornerback Will Allen charged with DUI in Florida
Miami Dolphins cornerback Will Allen has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence in Miami Beach.

Time for GMs to make some tough calls on QB issues
As the calendar reaches the middle of February, front-office executives from several teams are furiously putting together plans to deal with their quarterback quandaries.

How Eagles handle quarterback situation could affect entire league
By quarterbacking place, we're talking about the Eagles having such exceptional depth at the position, something the Colts, Saints, Patriots, and pretty much every other team in the league don't have. They're positioned to potentially impact the quarterback futures of multiple clubs, beginning with their own.

Free-agency restrictions will apply in an uncapped year
With a labor stalemate between the NFL and NFLPA likely triggering an uncapped 2010 season, I'd like to address how some of the rule changes that will come into play could directly affect your team. So let's take a look at some of the issues that could make this a vastly different offseason than we're used to.

NFL requires reimbursement for absent McKinnie - Yahoo! Sports
Minnesota Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie(notes) must pay back the NFL for his non-participation in the Pro Bowl.

Johnson driven after near-death experience - Yahoo! Sports
As tempting as it is to reduce University of Southern California running back Stafon Johnson’s future to simply getting back on that horse, the situation is decidedly more twisted than that.